The Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set

7 Free Bonuses Included!

52 core books (₹5000 value)

7 Limited Time Bonuses (₹1595 value)

6000+ pages. 2500+ original shlokas

Clean entertainment. Deep wisdom. Immense cultural value

200+ Hours of Reading

Today’s Price: ₹6595 ₹1499

On This Page…

Hello and Welcome!

Dear Reader, hello! Welcome to the information page of The Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set.

A little about me first…

My name is Sharath Komarraju. I’m a writer of fiction and nonfiction based out of Bangalore, India. Below is a close approximation of how I look, circa 2024.

After a brief early-twenties flirtation with engineering and math, I found my writing feet in 2013, and ever since then I’ve written over 40 books.

My novels and nonfiction have been published by the likes of HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan, Westland, and other prestigious publishers.

My Hastinapur books, a series of novels that I’ve been writing based on the Mahabharata, are being read and appreciated by thousands of readers.

My work has been fortunate enough to be covered by media publications such as The Hindu, The New Indian Express, The Hindustan Times, Forbes India and others.

I tell you all this not to brag, but to assure you that I’m no fly-by-night amateur.

The Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set is the work of a professional, passionate writer.

And on this page, I’m excited to tell you all about it!

I believe that these books represent the best, most complete, and most readable Mahabharata resource that you will ever find.

These books will make you a Mahabharata scholar. They will not only inform you about our rich history and roots, but will also enrich your inner life and deepen your sense of self. Like all great literature does.

To say these books will change your life is not an overstatement.

But before we get to that, let’s talk a little about the importance of a cultural education…

A Complete Cultural Education

Have you noticed how schools and colleges don’t bother to give you a cultural education anymore?

The kind of education that is necessary to live life with dignity, to understand your place in the universe. The kind of education that goes beyond formulae and equations.

The kind of education that connects you to the past, present and future; that tells you who you are and where you came from; that shows you where to go.

The kind of education that reveals inside you a deeper truth, a deeper purpose; that helps you unlock your vast hidden potential; that teaches you to win – over yourself, over your obstacles, over your destiny.

The kind of education that leaves you not anxious and adrift – but content and calm.

If such an education were available to you, what would you say is the value of it?

15 Minutes a Day

The Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set contains 52 books.

These will unravel the strands of the Mahabharata to you – bit by bit.

If you were to give just 15 minutes a day to reading these books, you can get through them in a year.

And you will have understood, digested and appreciated the greatest story told in the history of mankind.

All of the immense cultural value it possesses. All of the philosophy contained within its pages. All of the great role models, all of the enchantment and magic.

All of the spiritual growth.

This is education at its finest, entertainment at its cleanest, and wisdom at its deepest.

All with a mere 15 minutes a day, in one single year.

‘Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live,’ said Gustave Flaubert.

Read in order to live. How true are those words. And how often we forget them.

Breakdown of the Books (5000 value)

The 52 core books in The Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set break down as follows:

– The Mahabharata Essentials Omnibus contains 6 books (600 pages), and introduces you to the breadth and depth of the Mahabharata story.

– The Mahabharata Character Guides Omnibus contains 14 books (1400 pages). These give you deep dives into the characters that make up Vyasa’s story. Krishna, Draupadi, Karna, Arjuna – and everyone else.

– The Mahabharata Reader Omnibus contains 32 books (3200 pages) over 3 volumes. Here you can read the entire Mahabharata from start to finish, broken down into easy to read chapters. With context and commentary.

In total, you have 160+ hours of Mahabharata reading material.

Properly researched and referenced. Broken down into small chapters that can be read on the go.

This is the most readable, most accessible, most comprehensive Mahabharata book set that you will ever see.

This is the cultural education that you have always deserved but never received.

The vastness and rich depth of Vedic India – all yours to explore.


Your Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set contains:

– Mahabharata Essentials Omnibus (6 books, 600+ pages)

– Mahabharata Character Guides Omnibus (14 books, 1400+ pages)

– Mahabharata Reader Omnibus (32 books, 3200+ pages)

In total, you get 52 books and 5200+ pages of reading material.

Even at ₹1 per page, the value of the set is at least ₹5000.

By purchasing the set today, you will get full lifetime ownership of everything for just ₹1499.

7 Free Bonuses (1595 Value)

To make the deal sweeter, for a limited time only, when you purchase the Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set, you will automatically receive the following seven free bonuses:

– Bonus 1: Set of 3 Printable Posters. Get three beautiful life-sized printable posters of Krishna, Shiva and Ganesha in six different colour combinations each. Perfect for printing on any surface, to any size! Add breathtaking beauty to your walls. Value: ₹499.

– Bonus 2: The Mahabharata Primer – A Summary in 60 Episodes. Get the summary of the entire Mahabharata, logically laid out in 60 episodes. 450 Pages. A full-length book in its own right. Value: ₹249.

– Bonus 3: The Song of Vrindavan – A Hastinapur Novel. Read the enchanting story of Krishna’s childhood in Vrindavan, and how he grew up to become the prince of Dwaraka. 400 Pages. A tale that will charm any Mahabharata lover. Value: ₹249.

– Bonus 4: How to Survive in Hastinapur – A Practical Person’s Guide. Learn everything there is to know about life in the mystical city of Hastinapur. 100 Pages. Value: ₹99.

– Bonus 5: Dear Sakhi – The Lost Journals of the Ladies of Hastinapur. Get a peek into the lost journals of Ganga, Satyavati, Draupadi and other women of the Mahabharata. 100 Pages. Value: ₹99.

– Bonus 6: 100 Parvas – A Structural Guide to the Mahabharata. An excellent companion to The Mahabharata Primer. Here you will get an extended summary of each of the 100 Parvas that make up the Mahabharata. 600 Pages. Value: ₹300.

– Bonus 7: Echoes from Vrindavan – A Short Story Collection. A set of 5 delightful stories featuring Krishna his final moments. 100 Pages. Value: ₹100.

Please note that these free bonuses are available as a special introductory offer, for a limited time only. They will be removed from the bundle once the first edition of the Mahabharata Book Set is sold out.

What you get for 1499

In total, here’s what you will receive for ₹1499:

– The Mahabharata Essentials Omnibus (6 Books, 600 Pages, ₹299)

– The Mahabharata Character Guides Omnibus (14 Books, 1400 Pages, ₹699)

– The Mahabharata Reader Omnibus (32 Books, 3200 Pages, ₹799)

– Bonus 1: Set of 3 Printable Posters (₹499)

– Bonus 2: The Mahabharata Primer – A Summary in 60 Episodes (450 Pages, ₹249)

– Bonus 3: The Song of Vrindavan – A Hastinapur Novel (400 Pages, ₹249)

– Bonus 4: How to Survive in Hastinapur – A Practical Person’s Guide (100 Pages, ₹99)

– Bonus 5: Dear Sakhi – The Lost Journals of the Ladies of Hastinapur (100 Pages, ₹99)

– Bonus 6: 100 Parvas – A Structural Guide to the Mahabharata (600 Pages, ₹300)

– Bonus 7: Echoes from Vrindavan – A Short Story Collection (100 Pages, ₹100)

If purchased individually, these items will cost you a total of ₹3392.

However, by purchasing them today in this set, you will only pay ₹1499, which is a saving of ₹1893, or 56%.

Digital or Physical Books?

The Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set is a set of 52 digital books + 7 digital bonuses that you can download, save on your computer, and read offline on any device or app anytime you want.

Since the Mammoth Book set contains 6500+ pages, I cannot possibly offer a print edition of the books. That will blow up the price beyond reason, because of shipping, storage and handling costs.

So what I’m offering as a workaround is that with each book in the set, I am including a printable PDF version. This version is formatted specifically for readers who like to print out their books and read in physical form.

You can print as many pages as you want, whenever you want, and however many books you want.

The best part? You will always have the printable digital file with you – even if you misplace or damage the physical copy. So you will essentially own these books forever.

This way, you get flexibility, printability, and an extremely affordable price – all rolled into one.

Reader Testimonials

Thousands of readers just like you have already read the Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set.

Here’s what a few of them have to say.

“The work of a lifetime!”

“Excellent reading for someone interested in an uncomplicated, story-telling, non-philosophical version of the Mahabharata and its many subplots. Read a story or two every day over many months, perhaps a year or more!”

Ranjit Kulkarni

“A Lucid and Warm style of Writing”

“It is very important that an adult or a child  understands our mythology and this attempt by Sharath just hits the sweet spot. A grand masterpiece told in a succinct and distinct style. I felt like I was charmed and glued onto this grandeur unfolding before me as I read it. Bravo!”

Rajesh Kallianpur

“Simply Loved Reading These”

“Simply loved reading these 2-minute snapshots from our rich and diverse Indian mythology. An added bonus is that the writing is simple, and devoid of all the alternate meanings / interpretations that’s a trend among new authors these days.”

Shriti Chatterjee

“A Delightful Read”

“Learnt many things. Bought back childhood days of watching Mahabharata on TV. Liked the stories and hoping for a similar one on the Ramayana.”

Soumyajyoti Nandy

“Awesome Books!”

“Contain interesting little stories which give you the knowledge of the lives of the main characters and even not so main characters of the Mahabharata, which keep you hooked to the very end.”

Swati Parmar

“Refreshing and Enjoyable”

“When Sharath puts these stories in his friendly narrative style, you are tempted to read all over it again. The icing on the cake is that we have refreshed a lot of intricate details.”

Nagarajan Narayanan

I have plenty of testimonials like these. But you know what?

Don’t take their word for it. You’re your own person.

I don’t care what other people think about these books. I only care about what you think.

That’s why, here’s what I am proposing:

Try Risk Free, 30 Days

Take 30 days to merely examine these books. Read them. Turn them over. Test them. Give them a chance to earn your trust.

To earn your love.

In the event they fail at this, in the event you feel – for any reason, or for no reason – that the books are not worth what you paid for them…

Just let me know. I will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

I am extremely serious with this policy. If you don’t enjoy my work, I don’t want your money. End of story.

I always process refund requests on the same day I receive them. Every single one.

So you’re not buying these books. You’re just trying them. For 30 days. At no risk or expense.

What could be fairer?

Any Device, Any App

I know how frustrating it is when a book you like does not open in your preferred reading app.

That is why I will give you four versions of each book – PDF, ePUB, MOBI and HTML. You can read them on Android, IOS, a web browser, on the Kindle… anywhere! No more app lock-ins.

Not only that, you can also convert the HTML version of these books into any eBook format of the future.

So purchase once, access forever. Read anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

I only read print books. Do you offer a print version?

No. The reason I don’t offer a print version of these books is that in total, bonuses included, the set contains 6500+ pages.

Printing, storage, binding, shipping – these add costs both to you and me. Plus – you only end up with one copy of the set.

Instead, I include a printable PDF version with each book. These PDF files have been carefully formatted for reading in print.

You can print as many or as few pages as you want. Print just your favourite sections. Or print them all.

You have complete freedom and flexibility.

The best part? You will always have the raw printable file with you.

Misplaced or damaged one copy? Just print a new one.

What if I don’t like these books?

No problem! You have a 30-day-window after your purchase to decide if you like the books or not.

During that window, you’re eligible for a full refund. No questions asked.

All you have to do is email me at sharath@sharathkomarraju.com, and I will personally refund you your money.

Since the books are eBooks, there is nothing to return. Keep them as my free gifts to you.

No other publisher or writer offers their readers a 30-day refund window. But I do.

If you don’t like my work, I don’t want your money. End of story.

Do you have any deals or discounts?

No. The price of the book set – especially with all the bonuses included – is both reasonable and fair.

Other books of this sort are priced at least three times higher. And they don’t have the same breadth, depth and readability.

This is the best Mahabharata-related resource on the market.

It is also the lowest-priced.

I’m able to offer this low price on my books because I sell direct to you. There are no middlemen adding bloat and cost.

Why should I trust you? Are you a Mahabharata expert?

I don’t have any credentials to advertise my knowledge of the Mahabharata. No degrees or PhDs.

I’m just a reader of books, like you.

I’ve read the Mahabharata in many of its forms, and believe that it needs to be accessible to everyone.

Not just an elite few.

This is the most readable, most accessible Mahabharata-related resource on the market.

You don’t have to take that statement at face value. Just try it out for yourself.

And if you don’t agree with me, make use of your 30 Day refund window.

I’m busy and pressed for reading time. Can I still make use of this?

The books in the Mammoth Mahabharata set were designed specifically for busy people.

Every book is broken down into small, two-page chapters. You can dip in and out of them anytime.

All you will need is 15 minutes a day, and you will get a complete course on your culture and roots in a year.

Can I read this with my children or grandchildren?

Please do! There may be some themes that children may need some explaining on, but overall, the language is lucid and context-rich.

There’s nothing a child likes more than reading with an adult. Give your children that precious gift.

Imagine the conversations this will spark, the wisdom and learning that you will give your children, the bond you will develop with them.

How to Purchase

Easy! Follow these steps:

– Go to the Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set checkout page.

– Enter your details.

– Make your payment and complete the order.

– You will receive a download link immediately.

Remember, this is a fully reversible order. Over the next 30 days, you can claim your 100% Refund anytime you want, should the books dissatisfy you.

Happy Reading!


If any of this is not clear, or if you have questions to ask or comments to make…

Or if you want to say hi…

Just write to me at sharath@sharathkomarraju.com. You will land right in my inbox.