Horror Fiction Bundle Giveaway: Here are the Winners

So we had a great gathering of readers and writers last week, for our horror-themed bundle giveaway. Our guest authors did a great job answering most of our readers’ questions. We had a great time reading some of the creepy experiences you guys posted too. We hope that it has been worth your time and […]

Book Launch and Giveaway: The Narrow Road to Palem

Those of you who’ve read the Million Words of Crap post will know that I’ve embarked upon creating a list of self-published titles this year. The idea is to release either a collection of short stories or a novel every month until June 2016. It’s a punishing schedule, which has meant that blogging time and […]

What I Learned From My First Million Words of Crap

Last week, on Friday, 26 June 2015, sometime around noon, I wrote my millionth word of finished fiction. I did not realize it immediately. But I keep a running word counter on my computer, and when I entered the 3500 words or so that I wrote that day, the magic number popped up in the […]

Contest 16 Results: And the Winners Are…

And so, Contest 16 has come and gone. Those of you who are keen to read what people have written, please go to the contest page and take a look. We got more poems this time than we normally do. Maybe dreams lend themselves better to verse than to prose. Quite a few people examined […]

Contest 16: Dreams That Don’t Let Go

Contest CLOSED. Last date for entries was Wednesday, 27th May, 2015. If you missed this, don’t worry! Contest 17 will be on its way shortly. So just like that, we’ve stumbled onto Contest 16. We had some great writing in Contest 15. If you missed it, please head on over there and sample some of […]

Contest 15 Results: And the Winners Are…

The time has come for the results of Contest 15. We wrote about unlikely romances, and as expected, the usual suspects were there: romance with an animal, romance with food, and romance across time and space. Of course, it doesn’t need to be said that we’re interpreting the word ‘romance’ in its broadest possible meaning, […]

Contest 15: An Unlikely Romance

Contest closed for entries. Final date was Saturday, 25th April, 2015. If you missed this, don’t fret. The next contest will come along shortly. Welcome, one and all, to Contest 15. If you have missed it, we had some lovely pieces of writing in Contest 14, so head on over there and have a read if […]

Contest 14 Results: And the Winners Are…

So Contest 14 is done and dusted. This has been one of our most ‘poorly attended’ contests, with about ten entries. Sometimes the topic could be too broad to be interesting, but then maybe it was the Cricket World Cup. Regardless, the entries that did come in packed a nice punch, with a few of […]

Contest 14: Characters in Conflict

Contest CLOSED for entries. Last date was Thursday, 26 March, 2015. If you missed this, don’t worry! Contest 15 will be coming up shortly. Hi guys! Hope you’re doing well. After taking a couple of days off after the completion of the Mahabharat Giveaway, normal service resumes with our writing contests. The number, almost imperceptibly, has […]

Contest 13 Results: And the Winner Is…

The dreaded Contest 13 is behind us. From now on, it should be plain sailing. This is the first time I tried a month-long contest on the blog, and for the longest time there weren’t any entries on it. Just as I was wondering if I should not have tried to fix an unbroken thing, […]