Meetup 141: Narrative Pace

Last weekend, Pavan conducted a session on narrative pace. It was our first ‘technical’ session after a long time, so I enjoyed it thoroughly. In summary, we looked at ways to deliberately control the pace of our writing. Sentence structure, word lengths, and effective paragraphing were discussed as possible methods by which an author can bring […]

Meetup 140: Writing on Death

Harshit Gupta hosted a session last Saturday with a rather eerie focus on death. He brought for us the following three exercises. Exercise 1: Strange words and definitions. Here are six words that you (probably) have not heard before. Wallydrag Glabella Cruruphilous Nazzard RibaZuba Wamfle The idea is to write down your own definition before looking up […]

2 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become a Better Writer

I run a weekly club in Bangalore for beginning writers called Write Club. There we’re always trying to come up with short, pithy advice for the absolute novice to take his or her writing to the next level. A common situation I face every Saturday is a person coming up to me and asking: ‘What […]

Meetup 139: First impressions, and characters who hate each other

Soumya Ramasamy hosted a session last Saturday at Write Club where the focus was to write about a couple of characters who hate each other. We’ve had many emotion-based sessions before, but in my memory, this was the first time we focused on hate. And why not? Hate is something all of us feel at […]

Meetup 138: Travel, food and sport. What more do you need?

Last Saturday, Satpal Daryanani hosted a session at Write Club that was full of fun and frolic. We had a full house with about thirty-five members, so though giving personal feedback on each piece was not feasible, Satpal did a respectable enough job listening to everybody and saying something intelligible about each piece. This is probably […]

Meetup 137: Plotting in a team

Last Saturday, Swati conducted a session at Write Club. She was initially reluctant to do it, but like most classy people, once she agreed she put everything into it. She must have enjoyed the experience too, because she sent me a novel-length summary of what happened and whose pieces she liked most. (Love the enthusiasm, Swati. […]

Meetup 136: The Fork in the Road

As of last Saturday, Write Club Bangalore completed 136 weeks of operation. Somehow we still manage to get anywhere between twenty and thirty people for every session, and the conversation is lively and vibrant as ever. No matter how long into the future it survives, I think it has punched far above its weight. Long may […]

Meetup 113 – Nonvisual cues

A little update on the Write Club posts is warranted, because I’ve not posted here for a while. You will be glad to know that Write Club Bangalore is still going well, though we’ve moved to a place now without a projector, so we’ve had to improvise with pen and paper. Some would say this […]

Meetup 81 – Critical Thinking

The week before last, when I was away doing my own thing, Aparna Sridhar hosted her first session at Write Club, and by all accounts it was a smashing debut. The room reportedly was bursting at the door with people and there were cheers and laughs all around. I’ve had a look at the material […]

Meetup 66 – Dialogue again

We sometimes get repetitions in the topics we do at Write Club. There are two reasons for this: one, apart from a select few who have stuck it out throughout, the group is not static. So as new members come in and host, they invariably pick up one subject or the other which has already […]