Meetup 144: Spoken Words – Dialogues and Monologues

Last Saturday, Aravind MJ, one of our oldest members at Write Club, hosted a session on spoken words in writing. I wasn’t there to experience it first-hand, but if the following notes he sent me are any indication, it must have been a smashing session. More than anything else, fiction writers have to master the […]

6 Word Mistakes You Could be Forgiven for Making

The recent Write Club Meetup on strange words – and a few recent embarrassing goof-ups – got me thinking about how often we get some basic things wrong in English usage. Some of the examples below will show that writers are not immune to these pitfalls at all. If anything, we’re falling into them more […]

Meetup 140: Writing on Death

Harshit Gupta hosted a session last Saturday with a rather eerie focus on death. He brought for us the following three exercises. Exercise 1: Strange words and definitions. Here are six words that you (probably) have not heard before. Wallydrag Glabella Cruruphilous Nazzard RibaZuba Wamfle The idea is to write down your own definition before looking up […]