Questions on Female Feticide that We Must All Ask Ourselves

Feticide. Saving the girl child. Killing in the womb. I was at the movies the other day. Before the main reel began to roll, they showed us a short film of a female fetus singing from the womb to her parents. That she wanted to live. That she wanted to grow into a real person. […]

3 Kinds of Marriage in Hindu Mythology – and what they tell us

I think it’s safe to say that marrying for love is a recent phenomenon. Traditionally, marriage has always been a coming together of two individuals with the intention of having children. Love was neither necessary nor sufficient. Things like social standing, material riches, and good genes (read beauty) mattered a lot more – not only for […]

Come With Me, Let us Touch the Sky

This excellent sketch and poem have come to us from Priya Sridhar, who blogs at Kismi Toffee Bar. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you absolutely must. She’s got tons of cool stuff over there. Pink is for girls, blue for boys, they said. How would you like it, if you were packed into boxes, […]

Does Pornography Promote Male Domination?

I take it that the debate on pornography and its effect on society is at least a few centuries old. There have always been a certain group of people vying to define what is ‘good’ and to control what the others should or shouldn’t see. I’ve never given much thought to the matter, but have […]

Bollywood Item Songs – ignorant hypocrisy or just good business?

The other day I saw Kareena Kapoor on television speaking on an ad for women’s safety. A few months back she declared that she felt unsafe going out in Mumbai after 6 PM. Priyanka Chopra, the other big Bollywood diva of our age, is a long-term batter for the rights of the objectified woman and […]

What does it mean to be a woman?

The title of this post may seem at first glance to be deliberately provocative, but that’s not my intention. It is simply a question that any male writer that attempts to write convincing women must ask himself. To be more specific, the question I grappled with before I began the ‘Hastinapur’ series was this: What would […]