Bookwards Writing Contest 2: My Brother My Rival

For our second writing contest, the theme is sibling relationships. The prompt: My Brother My — You can end the prompt however you want. Here are a few possibilities: My Brother My Friend My Brother My Saviour My Brother My Lover (If you want to explore incest/abuse themes) My Brother My Rival (That age-old theme […]

A Writer’s Log – Post 4: Infinity War

Writing . Number of words today: 1000 Number of lifetime words: 2184000 Was a light day writing-wise. I had to write a thousand words to stay on target with the deadline for Volume 15. After doing them, just couldn’t summon up the will power to keep going. Whoever said a task always expands to fit the […]

Why Writing Good Books for Children is Important

If you could ask the writers of the greatest children stories in the history of literature, they would tell you that they have never thought of their readers – the children – as any less intelligent than adults. Which is why, if an adult were to pick up any well written children’s book, he or […]

The Demise of Reading – myth or reality?

I was on Indiblogger just this morning and happened to see an IndiSpire prompt that went as follows: ‘Reading books has reduced dramatically in today’s youth. Kids who read books are treated as socially incapable nerds. What is your take on this topic?’ This took me back a few weeks when my editor and I […]