Puppeteers of Palem Giveaway: Results

First of all, guys, thank you very much for the great response that you gave for my humble blog launch post. It is easily my most popular post, judging by comments, Facebook likes/shares, the number of downloads I got, or any other such measure. For all this I can only express my gratitude to all those […]

Book Launch and Giveaway: The Puppeteers of Palem

Welcome Welcome to the blog launch of my fourth novel, The Puppeteers of Palem. This is going to be just like a book launch, but you don’t have to be in the same city – or even the same country – to attend it. You will get all the same things that you get from a […]

First Look: The Puppeteers of Palem

Back Blurb The village of Rudrakshapalem awakens, and tells her tale. Five friends return to the village of their childhood to find that nothing seems to have changed, and at the same time everything has. Whose voice is it that called them back, and whose hand is it that now hunts them down, one by […]