Meetup 143: Historical Fiction

Last weekend, Nikita hosted a session on Historical Fiction. Generally, in an amateur setting (and in some professional settings too), there is considerable confusion between historical fiction, mythological fiction and fantasy. The lines do overlap, and the elements that define each genre are sometimes not as rigid as we’d like them to be. In spite […]

Meetup 142: The Fears that Rule Us

Last Saturday, I hosted a session at Write Club based on fear. I’d been thinking a lot about fear lately, about how much our daily actions and thoughts are governed by this emotion. In our session we drew a line between instinctive fear – the immediate fear of death and pain – and social fear, the […]

Meetup 140: Writing on Death

Harshit Gupta hosted a session last Saturday with a rather eerie focus on death. He brought for us the following three exercises. Exercise 1: Strange words and definitions. Here are six words that you (probably) have not heard before. Wallydrag Glabella Cruruphilous Nazzard RibaZuba Wamfle The idea is to write down your own definition before looking up […]