3 Things that Bring Out a Budding Writer’s Talent

Last week, I got involved with the good folk at Campus Diaries in their content development program. To kick things off, they got all their interns and young writers to send me a list of questions. I answered them all, of course. Then I thought it will be nice to feature some of the longer […]

Meetup 139: First impressions, and characters who hate each other

Soumya Ramasamy hosted a session last Saturday at Write Club where the focus was to write about a couple of characters who hate each other. We’ve had many emotion-based sessions before, but in my memory, this was the first time we focused on hate. And why not? Hate is something all of us feel at […]

The Other Side of the Publishing Door

I sold the rights to Amaravati in June 2010. You would think I’d remember the day quite well but I don’t. I do remember certain things, though: the exact words my agent typed out on his instant messenger, the red woolen coat in which I was wrapped (June is mid-winter in New Zealand), the hug […]