Meetup 137: Plotting in a team

Last Saturday, Swati conducted a session at Write Club. She was initially reluctant to do it, but like most classy people, once she agreed she put everything into it. She must have enjoyed the experience too, because she sent me a novel-length summary of what happened and whose pieces she liked most. (Love the enthusiasm, Swati. […]

Week 5: Plot and Theme

I did not forget last week’s post. I’ve often noticed in my own novel planning sessions that scene summaries take the longest time. So I thought I better use the extra week to put the necessary amount of detail into it. Now we’re in Week 5. This should be all about plot and theme. If […]

Meetup 26 – Plot

Okay, this task of archiving Write Club material is going to be harder than I thought. The few people I’ve spoken to have had to undertake search missions to find their stuff (and here I thought people didn’t delete files any more, what with all the terabytes of storage they buy), and it is very […]

Plot and Structure

Before I begin, I must tell you that plot is something on which writers disagree the most. While it’s possible to see a certain uniformity of opinion when it comes to technical aspects of writing such as style and word choice, plot elicits wildly diverging views. On one side we have Ray Bradbury who spoke […]