On Saying Thank You

Back when I was working for IBM, after a particularly grueling client meeting, my boss and I went out to lunch. After we ate in silence for a while, each nursing our own thoughts about the massacre that went on in the conference room, he cleared his throat and said, ‘Thank you very much for […]

Questions on Female Feticide that We Must All Ask Ourselves

Feticide. Saving the girl child. Killing in the womb. I was at the movies the other day. Before the main reel began to roll, they showed us a short film of a female fetus singing from the womb to her parents. That she wanted to live. That she wanted to grow into a real person. […]

Novel Excerpt: Man on a Bike

Some scenes have a way of sticking in the head, like signposts. This one, taken out of Banquet on the Dead, is one that is close to my heart. My father, after having read the novel fully, said, ‘This is a bad book. You goofed up in many places. But that scene in which the inspector goes […]


The website has undergone a change again, hopefully this time for the long term. I’ve been talking to people who know a thing or two about brands and marketing, and they said this ‘Writer’s Mentor’ idea, while excellent in spirit, was not achieving the intended goal of promoting my brand. Don’t ask me what that […]

First Look: The Official Facebook Page

So as I get in ankle-first into the murky marketing waters, my wife created for me a Facebook page here. If you look down the right hand side of this blog, you will see that the Facebook parts of the links are now bigger and contain faces too. Faces are always better than numbers, apparently, […]

First Look: Winds of Hastinapur

So the guys at Harper Collins assure me that the book is going to come out by October end. Officially this is my first foray out of murder mysteries into fantasy fiction. The book tells the story of the Mahabharata from the points of view of all the prominent women characters. If you’re thinking ‘Ah, […]

Back after a hiatus

Those of you who know me know that I am social media phobic. I used to have a similar attitude to blogging too, once upon a time, but I enjoyed myself quite thoroughly during the three or so months in the middle of this year during which I wrote a few things on this website. […]

Dan Brown’s Inferno: loving to hate it, hating to love it

So Dan Brown’s new book is out. It’s called Inferno. Without knowing anything about it at all you could make certain predictions. Robert Langdon will probably wake up in the middle of the night right at the start. He will then go on a hunt after one secret relic or the other across Europe, fight […]

Book Launch – Banquet on the Dead

Okay, I know there has been quite a long period of silence on these pages (is someone noticing?), and I won’t bore you with details of my personal life. Let’s just say it was something I could not get out of, one of those few occasions which really needed me to be present. In fact, my […]