The Original Damsel in Distress: Andromeda

We’re all familiar with the hero myth that persists in our movies to this day. Central to it is a damsel in distress that the hero must rescue. A spotless white horse, a flying red cape, a dazzling sword, and shining armour are bare necessities. Today we will look at perhaps the story that gave rise to […]

Romantic art: The Lady of Shalott

The legend of King Arthur is to English culture what the Ramayana is to Indians. There is much debate about whether he truly existed in the form that he is talked about, though the places that he ruled over – Glastonbury, Tintagel, Camelot etc – still stand, just like ur Ayudhya does. Much has been written […]

Romantic art: The Raft of the Medusa

One of my favourite idea-generating pastimes is to look at famous paintings and read their histories. Perhaps the earliest ‘great’ painting I had ever heard of – this was before I knew of the existence of the Mona Lisa – is The Raft of the Medusa. 146 men and one woman were piled onto a hastily […]

Teacher’s Birthday

In my post about plot and structure, I replayed to you Ray Bradbury’s message to all writers: read one poem, one essay and one short story a day. To that I added my own appendix and said we should watch one painting a day. In this part of the website I will post material from […]