Why Are We Taught To Finish Our Food?

A few weeks back, my mother invited my dad’s maternal uncle over to our place for lunch. This was the first meal he’d had in our house for almost twenty years. After he had his fill, he sat in his favourite chair in our living room, raised his hand and said, Annadaata Sukhibhava (‘blessed is the […]

Weekly Wrap Up – 12 July, 2014: Feminism, The Demise of Reading, Priyanka Chopra and more

Here are a few posts from last week that you (may have) missed. Sunday Shweta Taneja blogged here about the 7 pieces of advice that she got from insiders of the publishing industry. Be sure to check it out of you’re an aspiring writer. Or if you’re just curious. Monday A sneak peak into the […]

Realism in Art: Children and Mirrors

Some of my recent posts have dealt with feminism and gender issues, which got me thinking whether men and women are born different or are shaped differently by culture and society. Then I ran into the two pictures above, by Norman Rockwell. He is most famous for the real-life cover illustrations he did for Saturday […]

Teacher’s Birthday

In my post about plot and structure, I replayed to you Ray Bradbury’s message to all writers: read one poem, one essay and one short story a day. To that I added my own appendix and said we should watch one painting a day. In this part of the website I will post material from […]