Breathe into the Silences of the Mahabharata: The Queens of Hastinapur

Blurb Ganga. When she speaks, we must listen. For she is the giver of life, the oldest, kindest, wisest of mothers. She has seen this land take form, swell with power. She has witnessed people pillage it, and bring about the end to the age of kings in a great, futile war. The battle of […]

Myth Fiction Bundle Giveaway – Here are the Winners

As all good things come to an end, our myth fiction bundle giveaway also did. We were secretly hoping that we’d get more than five comments (what can we say? We’re cautious people), but the response overwhelmed us. In all, we had 84 separate entries, and including responses by the authors, the comment count at […]

Myth Fiction Giveaway: Leave a Comment and Win A Bundle of Five Great Novels

India is a land of deep cultural memory. Perhaps nowhere else in the world do people have active conversations and shape their lives around stories that have been written thousands of years ago. Mythology, for us, is not just mythology; it’s a way of life. So we’ve put together five great books that not only retell […]

The Rise Of Hastinapur Pre-Order Offer: Get 6 Great Books For the Price of 1

Welcome to the pre-order page of The Rise of Hastinapur. Here you will find all that you need to know about the book. Namely: What is the book about? Who should read it? A downloadable sample How you can make use of the 6-for-1 offer What is the book about? The Rise of Hastinapur is Book 2 […]

The ‘Mahabharata Reader’ Giveaway: Results

Hey, guys! This will be a short blog post. Many of you will remember that a couple of weeks ago, we had a giveaway hosted on this blog for those of you who love mythology and fantasy fiction set in India. Here is the link to the original post. Whenever I try something new on […]

Giveaway: Books for the Mahabharata Reader

Guys, I have something exciting for all of you. Many readers of this blog will know that I write – both blog posts and books – on various topics, but the one subject I keep returning to is mythology. I have a deep personal love for it. I could talk about it for hours, I could […]

Book Giveaway: 5 Copies of Winds of Hastinapur Up For Grabs

If you’ve already bought and read my third novel, The Winds of Hastinapur, you can nod off to sleep. (Or you could use the time you would have spent to read this post and write a customer review on the book’s Flipkart page.) But for all those of you who have not read the book […]

5 Lesser Known Tales from the Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is often known as the fifth Veda. It has often been said that reading the Mahabharata from start to finish will fill the reader’s mind with such knowledge and enlightenment that he is sure to achieve heaven. Whether or not that is true, the epic is a virtual forest of stories, with new […]

3 Kinds of Marriage in Hindu Mythology – and what they tell us

I think it’s safe to say that marrying for love is a recent phenomenon. Traditionally, marriage has always been a coming together of two individuals with the intention of having children. Love was neither necessary nor sufficient. Things like social standing, material riches, and good genes (read beauty) mattered a lot more – not only for […]

Contest 1 Results: And the Winner Is…

Some Preliminaries This post must begin with two words: Thank you. When I told my wife that I was planning to run contests on my blog, she kept quiet for a minute. Then she said, ‘Are you sure you will get more than one entry?’ As you can see, I married the right girl. My […]