Photo Post: License to ‘Killick’

They kissed. Lightly, at first, gently testing the water. The temperature seemed just right with strong indications of warmth in the near future. They waded into the shallows, nuzzling against the reefs, the waves slowly dissolving their essence. A distinct lack of sharks, sting-rays and men o’ war in these depths promised greater safety and […]

Photo Post: Still Life

She walks in beauty, Shades of starlight and dusk chase each other in circles on the playground of her skin, Circles form fire-eyed spirals, Dangling centres of turbulence framing the stillness of her face, The stillness of trance, Of slumber, Of death, Of birth, Of awareness, Of the universe… Different currents that intertwine around the […]

Micro Fiction: Ten More 55-word-stories to Light Up Your Day

Last Friday, Vivek Banerjee brought you ten 55-word-stories. Here are ten more. Pause The monitor suddenly stopped beeping almost causing his heart to stop. The surgeon, intent on his work, didn’t even notice. The anesthetist placed his hands on the patient pulse and found it steady. He realised that the power supply to the monitor […]

Poetry in Bollywood: Sili Hawa Choo Gayi

I don’t have the video for this song, because the movie in which it appears, Libaas, has not been released in India and there are no Youtube versions of it. Therefore, I can’t be sure about the context, but from what I can gather from listening to the words, it is yet another wistful poem […]

Romantic art: The Raft of the Medusa

One of my favourite idea-generating pastimes is to look at famous paintings and read their histories. Perhaps the earliest ‘great’ painting I had ever heard of – this was before I knew of the existence of the Mona Lisa – is The Raft of the Medusa. 146 men and one woman were piled onto a hastily […]

Rape (and intervention) of the Sabine Women

While on the topic of rape, I did some random reading on the subject and ran into this very interesting tale about the rape of the Sabine women by Romans. More interesting, still, is the above ‘sequel’ to the rape as painted by Jacques-Louis David. Apparently the women flew into the midst of the warring parties […]

The Persistence of Time

You’ve heard of Dali, haven’t you? For most people not closely related to art, his is the name that first crops up when ‘surrealism’ is mentioned. This is one of his earliest (and possibly his most famous) painting, The Persistence of Time. Surrealist art pieces generally make for good writing prompts because you could read […]