Novel Excerpt: The Ladies of Hastinapur

A version of this appeared as a guest post on my friend Soumya’s blog last week. I’m re-posting it here (almost verbatim) since many of you must not have read it. The Hastinapur series (of which Winds is the first book) aims to tell the story of the Mahabharat from the viewpoints of all the prominent women […]

Who are some neglected characters of the Mahabharata?

As some of you may know, I’ve just begun a series of novels telling the stories of some of the ‘bit-part’ players of the Mahabharata. The first book, The Winds of Hastinapur, looks at Ganga and Satyavati, the two people who, as mothers of Bhishma, sire the race of the Kurus. The book ends with […]