Why Are We Taught To Finish Our Food?

A few weeks back, my mother invited my dad’s maternal uncle over to our place for lunch. This was the first meal he’d had in our house for almost twenty years. After he had his fill, he sat in his favourite chair in our living room, raised his hand and said, Annadaata Sukhibhava (‘blessed is the […]

Weekly Wrap Up – 5 July, 2014: Bollywood Item Songs, The Tower of Babel and more

Here are a few posts from last week that you (may have) missed. Sunday Bhaskar Chattopadhyay, the kingpin at Artsquare, who also has written a book of translated Bengali stories that inspired Satyajit Ray, posted here on Sunday about how the Tower of Babel inspired him to become a story-teller. If you’re a lover of […]

Meetup 138: Travel, food and sport. What more do you need?

Last Saturday, Satpal Daryanani hosted a session at Write Club that was full of fun and frolic. We had a full house with about thirty-five members, so though giving personal feedback on each piece was not feasible, Satpal did a respectable enough job listening to everybody and saying something intelligible about each piece. This is probably […]