Contest 13: What is Your Pet Superstition?

CLOSED for entries. Last date for submission was 24th February, 2015 Hello, all! Contest 13 is upon us, and in keeping with the theme of the number, this time we’ll write about superstitions. Before we get to the topic, though, I have an announcement to make about our contests. We’re soon moving from a fortnightly schedule to […]

Meetup 142: The Fears that Rule Us

Last Saturday, I hosted a session at Write Club based on fear. I’d been thinking a lot about fear lately, about how much our daily actions and thoughts are governed by this emotion. In our session we drew a line between instinctive fear – the immediate fear of death and pain – and social fear, the […]

Epicurus on Fear

In my previous post on Epicurus we touched on his idea of happiness. We briefly discussed ataraxia, the state of being tranquil and free of worry. In today’s post, we’ll see what Epicurus thought was our biggest source of worry, and how best to achieve conscious control over it. Most of human anxiety, said Epicurus, is […]

Writer’s Block

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there. During a day of mind-numbing boredom you think of not one but five great ideas, and all the while you engage yourself in your chores you nurture these ideas until they grow and swell inside your head, ripe and ready to burst forth. All you can […]