Envy in Art: Circe, Cain, Time and Fame

Yesterday I wrote a post on envy. Today, even though it’s the day for ‘love and longing’, I found myself gravitating back to the same theme. In the video I shared in my last post, Parul Mathur spoke about how fiction is the best place to find envy. I figured art wouldn’t be too far […]

How Do You Combat Envy?

Last week, I came down with a bad case of envy. It hit me without warning. One moment I was perfectly happy scrolling along my Facebook wall, and the next thing I know I am suddenly burning all over in green flames. What happened was that I chanced upon the fan page of a good […]

Is Bollywood Cause or Effect?

I’ve written about Bollywood and its effect on society (and our kids) on these pages before. Many of you have written back agreeing with me, but there has been the odd comment of dissent which said, ‘Bollywood simply gives people what they want. It’s a reflection of the world, not a cause for it.’ This is an […]

Writerly Envy

Amish Tripathi is the new Chetan Bhagat. Neither man may like that statement; Chetan may protest that he’s still ‘in’ and Amish may say that his brand of literature is more ‘serious’ than Chetan’s, but in the sense that Amish is to Indian Writing today what Chetan was to it six years ago, it is […]