Meetup 144: Spoken Words – Dialogues and Monologues

Last Saturday, Aravind MJ, one of our oldest members at Write Club, hosted a session on spoken words in writing. I wasn’t there to experience it first-hand, but if the following notes he sent me are any indication, it must have been a smashing session. More than anything else, fiction writers have to master the […]

Meetup 141: Narrative Pace

Last weekend, Pavan conducted a session on narrative pace. It was our first ‘technical’ session after a long time, so I enjoyed it thoroughly. In summary, we looked at ways to deliberately control the pace of our writing. Sentence structure, word lengths, and effective paragraphing were discussed as possible methods by which an author can bring […]

Weekly Wrap Up – 19 July, 2014: Happiness, Religion, Rape And More

Since my posting frequency has increased, I’m moving to a list-based format for my Wrap Ups. Writing short summaries of each post will take up too much time and effort. Hopefully the titles of the posts will give you enough information to go on. At a glance Most viewed post: An Epicurean Guide to Happiness Most […]

4 Mistakes Beginning Writers Make while Writing Dialogue

Writing dialogue ought to be easy. We spend most of our waking lives speaking – either to ourselves or with others. (What? Is it just me who speaks to himself?) And yet when it comes to writing fiction, dialogue is the one thing over which beginning writers trip the most. In fact, an editor friend […]

Meetup 66 – Dialogue again

We sometimes get repetitions in the topics we do at Write Club. There are two reasons for this: one, apart from a select few who have stuck it out throughout, the group is not static. So as new members come in and host, they invariably pick up one subject or the other which has already […]

Meetup 56 – Dialogue

On October 27, 2012, I hosted a Write Club session on writing dialogue. Unlike most other parts of writing in which it is possible to say what to do, with dialogue I find it easier to focus on what not to do. This is probably because good dialogue is a bit like pornography: it’s hard to […]