Bookwards Writing Contest 2: My Brother My Rival

For our second writing contest, the theme is sibling relationships. The prompt: My Brother My — You can end the prompt however you want. Here are a few possibilities: My Brother My Friend My Brother My Saviour My Brother My Lover (If you want to explore incest/abuse themes) My Brother My Rival (That age-old theme […]

Contest 16: Dreams That Don’t Let Go

Contest CLOSED. Last date for entries was Wednesday, 27th May, 2015. If you missed this, don’t worry! Contest 17 will be on its way shortly. So just like that, we’ve stumbled onto Contest 16. We had some great writing in Contest 15. If you missed it, please head on over there and sample some of […]

Contest 15: An Unlikely Romance

Contest closed for entries. Final date was Saturday, 25th April, 2015. If you missed this, don’t fret. The next contest will come along shortly. Welcome, one and all, to Contest 15. If you have missed it, we had some lovely pieces of writing in Contest 14, so head on over there and have a read if […]

Contest 14 Results: And the Winners Are…

So Contest 14 is done and dusted. This has been one of our most ‘poorly attended’ contests, with about ten entries. Sometimes the topic could be too broad to be interesting, but then maybe it was the Cricket World Cup. Regardless, the entries that did come in packed a nice punch, with a few of […]

Contest 11 Results: And the winner is…

So contest 11 is behind us now. For those of you who have not been following, the topic was Narcissism and Unrequited Love. Not surprisingly, mirrors featured prominently in many of entries, and of course, there were monologues of angst too. Overall, quite enjoyable to read. We had twenty-five entries in all. Token Prizes 1. […]

Contest 11: Of Narcissism and Unrequited Love

CLOSED. Last date for entries was Wednesday, 14th January, 2015. Don’t fret if you missed it. Contest 12 will be coming soon. For a few weeks now, I’ve been wishing to do image prompts for a contest. After Contest 10 dealt with mirrors and reflections and things like that, I thought it will be nice if […]

Contest 10: What do you see in the mirror?

Welcome to Contest 10! This contest is CLOSED. Closing date for comments/entries was Wednesday, the 31st of December, 2014. The winner will be announced on Saturday, the 3rd of January, 2015. If you missed out on this contest, don’t worry. The next one is just around the corner. Readers of this blog will know that I’m a […]

Contest 9 Results: And the Winner is…

So Contest 9 became quite a big hit. About thirty people turned up to write their stories, and there was a nice mix of the wistful, the lonely, the joyful, and those tinged with that little bit of sorrow. We had poems, short mood pieces, complete stories, memoirs and also essays. Thank you all for […]

Contest 9: A Forgotten Friendship

Welcome to Contest 9! This contest is CLOSED. Closing date for comments/entries was Wednesday, the 17th of December, 2014. The winner will be announced on Saturday, the 20th of December, 2014. If you missed this contest, don’t worry! The next one will come along soon enough. There was a short break after Contest 8 to […]

Contest 8 Results: And the Winner Is…

And just like that, Contest 8 has come and gone. We had 16 entries. To those of you who participated and took time out of their schedules to write something, thank you. I couldn’t help but notice a few common themes that ran through the contest. I will list a couple. The theme of hospitals […]