Contest 14 Results: And the Winners Are…

So Contest 14 is done and dusted. This has been one of our most ‘poorly attended’ contests, with about ten entries. Sometimes the topic could be too broad to be interesting, but then maybe it was the Cricket World Cup. Regardless, the entries that did come in packed a nice punch, with a few of […]

Contest 14: Characters in Conflict

Contest CLOSED for entries. Last date was Thursday, 26 March, 2015. If you missed this, don’t worry! Contest 15 will be coming up shortly. Hi guys! Hope you’re doing well. After taking a couple of days off after the completion of the Mahabharat Giveaway, normal service resumes with our writing contests. The number, almost imperceptibly, has […]

5 Things An Editor Wants To See On Your Manuscript’s First Page

You must have heard of the Mickey Spillane quote that’s often-repeated in writer circles: The first page sells this book. The last page sells your next. Editors at publishing houses and literary agencies have very little time on their hands – typically twenty or thirty seconds per manuscript during the evaluation phase. They will read […]

The Sources of Conflict

Last time we spoke at length about conflict, but it seemed to me that the topic cannot end without a discussion on the various possible sources of conflict in fiction. Too often authors constrain themselves into thinking of conflict in a single layer and write stories that are too flat. By being aware of the […]


“Never confuse movement with action” – Ernest Hemingway All of us have had someone look over the stuff we’ve written and say to us – not without a note of sympathy in their voice – that while the writing is good and the grammar is correct and the style is top notch, what we have […]