Murder in Amaravati

In a small South Indian village, a Brahmin priest investigates the murder of a prostitute.

Padmavati, the village hostess, is found dead in the inner sanctum of the Kali temple. Men were ashamed of her; women hated her.

But who had the motive, the means and opportunity to kill her?

Padmavati charged by the hour – her laughs, her understanding, her empathy, her advice – everything was available only in return for payment, which made her, in the Sarpanch’s eyes, a little more than a trader.

Shekhar, Seetaramaiah, Satyam – how many men did she have in her grasp?

The case puts head constable Venkat Reddy in a quandary. He finds an unlikely ally in Krishna Shastri, the village priest.

They must together tease out the solution to this little puzzle, and they must realize that they cannot trust anyone – not even each other.

About Me

If this is your first time here, Dear Reader, and you have no idea who I am…


My name is Sharath Komarraju. I’m a writer of fiction and nonfiction based out of Bangalore, India. Below is a close approximation of how I look, circa 2024.

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I tell you all this not to brag, but to assure you that I’m no fly-by-night amateur.

About Murder in Amaravati

If you like the stories of Agatha Christie, and if you like the idea of reading a Christie-like story set in an Indian context, you will love Murder in Amaravati.

If you love your language nice and easy, your plots clever and complex, and your twists believable yet surprising at the same time, you will love Murder in Amaravati.

If, at the end of a long day, you prefer to immerse yourself into a delicious little mystery that won’t take weeks or months of your time, you will love Murder in Amaravati.

But don’t take my word for it. Download the free sample, read through the first five chapters, and see for yourself.

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