From idea to publication

We’ll hold your hand. Every step of the way

At Writer’s Mentor, we don’t take writing lightly. We know how important it is for you. We know how hard it sometimes gets. We know how puzzling the way forward may sometimes seem. We know the difficulty of thinking up ideas, of writing them down; we know the joy of seeing a scene come to life, the sorrow of watching it crumble to dust. We know, and we understand.

We know how torturous the path to publication can be. We know how lonely the journey is. We know the disappointment of sending out your work and hearing nothing back. We know of the shadows of self-doubt that you battle everyday. We know of the tiny flicker of hope you cling to. We know, and we understand.

So when you choose our mentorship service, you will get a mentor who has been through it all. He will hold your hand and guide you through the maze. He will lend you his shoulder, he will hear your rants, he will advise you on the ins and outs of the industry, but most importantly he will give you the tools by which you can get better at your craft, day by day. He won’t give you the fish. He will teach you how to catch it.

At Writer’s Mentor, we know the joy of making the first sale, of signing the first contract, of holding the first copy. We know that it really is worth all the trouble. We know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We want to help you reach it.


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Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with our work, tell us. We’ll refund your money.

Best Value Guarantee: If you find another assessment firm that gives you better value, tell us. We’ll either beat their price or refund your money.

Price: 50 paise/word