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Mahabharata Omnibus Box Set - Featured Image - Picture of the box set

3000+ Pages.

1500+ Original Verses

70+ Hours of Reading

Instant Download

30 Day Full Refund Guarantee

The Mahabharata Omnibus Box Set is your definitive guide to Vyasa’s immortal epic.

In this you will find:

  • 3000+ pages of Mahabharata content.
  • 1500+ original verses taken from the Mahabharata, with references to context.
  • 1500+ short, readable chapters that capture the entire essence of the Great Epic.

The structure of the original Mahabharata is preserved.

You miss nothing. Thorough, concise and fun!

The Best Mahabharata Books You will Ever Read

The greatest story ever told is now all yours.

Discover Indian Culture at its finest, and reconnect with your roots – at just 5 minutes a day!

Entertain and enlighten your children with stories from the Mahabharata. Never run out of material.

More than 70 hours of reading is locked into these books. You can dip in and dip out anytime.

An ocean of ancient Vedic wisdom – right at your fingertips.

I am confident that these will be the best Mahabharata books you have ever read.

Mahabharata Omnibus Box Set - Featured Image - Picture of the box set

What Other Readers are Saying

These books have been on the market a few months now. I’ve sold a few copies.

I am yet to hear a negative review. Or even a non-positive review.

Here’s an email I received recently from a reader:


Hey Sharath,

Just wanted to let you know that I completed reading all the three omnibus volumes of your Lesser Known Tales from the Mahabharata. I wanted to congratulate you on this stupendous effort and a service to society so to speak…

It must have taken a lot of commitment to read first and then write the entire epic in simple language for the ordinary reader of today. In a sense it is a work of a lifetime. Congratulations!


I have several emails like this.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter what other readers are saying.

All that matters is what YOU think. Even if everyone in the world likes a book, you’re allowed to hate it.

And vice versa.

That’s why I am offering you a…

30 Day Full Refund Guarantee

If you try the Mahabharata Omnibus Box Set and they are NOT the best Mahabharata-related books you’ve ever read, write to me and ask for a full refund.

I will process it immediately.

No questions asked. No hassle.

And you keep the books as my free gifts.

Note: Your refund request must reach me by email ([email protected]) before thirty days have passed from order-placement.

Mahabharata Omnibus Box Set - Featured Image - Picture of the box set


If there is anything more about this product that you would like to know, write to me ([email protected]) and ask.

Thank you once again for your interest in my work!