The Essential Mahabharata Primer for Kids

What are the right books to read?

‘My mother never read to me…’

May your child never say that of you after they grow up, because who would disagree that one of the great joys of existence has been denied the boy or girl who has had to grow up without the joy of reading.

It is for the parent that wants to grow close to their child through reading good, uplifting stories; for the parent that is perplexed as to just what to read, that the Mahabharata Essentials is perfect.

Because let’s face it, there is so much garbage in the world these days. No matter which way we turn, we see propaganda, politics and pornography infiltrate the media that our children consume.

You want to read to your child. You want to build a bond of friendship and love. You want the books you read together to be memorable, to be instrumental in building your boy or girl into an upstanding citizen.

Because you don’t want just entertainment for your child. You want education. You want wisdom. You want to instill a deep cultural memory that will serve as a source of grit.

Grit. If there is one thing you want for your child, if there is one habit you want your child to imbibe, one quality you want him or her to possess – it is grit.

Grit of the kind Draupadi shows to surmount all the misfortunes that the world heaps upon her.

Grit of the kind Arjuna calls upon to practice day and night, to make himself the best archer in the world.

Grit of the kind Karna relies on every moment of his life, to help him in the search to find himself.

Who are your child’s heroes?

Introduce your child to the heroic ideals and noble thoughts of people who’ve made history.

If you do not, the reality shows, the crass films, the news channels – they will claim your legacy.

Who would you rather become your child’s role model? Krishna from the Mahabharata, or the current A-list actor intent on feeding his craven audiences lies every day?

What would you rather your child practice? The grace and courage of Draupadi and Kunti – or the vanity and empty pride of a social media star?

The best that humanity has to offer – or the basest?

Fill your child’s mind with images and thoughts of great men and women that have come before us – and you will never have to worry for the future.

In the Mahabharata Essentials, you will encounter several stories that will furnish your child with role models worth emulating. Among the sages, the heroes, the queens, the princesses, the goddesses – you will meet the very essence of human vitality.

After receiving such a gift, how can a boy or girl not grow up to be generous, resolute and successful?

How can a child who receives such warmth from you not use it as fuel for future growth and good?

Six Books. Six First Steps.

The Mahabharata Essentials bundle contains six books:

  • 51 Lesser Known Tales from the Mahabharata
  • 17 Fascinating Women from the Mahabharata
  • Who’s Who in the Mahabharata: A Complete Cast of Characters
  • The Mahabharata at a Glance: All 100 Parvas Unpacked
  • The Mahabharata Cheat Book: 250 Common Questions Answered
  • The Mahabharata War: A Summary

In total, these come to around 500 pages. About 25 hours of reading time.

That means that even if you read for fifteen minutes a day with your child, you have about 100 days of reading in these pages.

Be prepared for plenty of questions from your little one – because these tales and characters are so interesting that they cannot help but fire up the imagination.

This is as complete and as comprehensive a primer to the Mahabharata that you will ever find anywhere – at any price.

‘A wise parent and a good book enabled me to succeed in life.’ These are the honest thoughts and words of every accomplished person ever, across history.

Your child already has a wise parent. Now add a good book – or six – into the mix.

Examine the Books for 30 Days

I have been reading and studying the Mahabharata for ten years.

I’ve written upwards of a million words on the topic over the last decade. Thousands of readers have read my books, and have liked them.

They’ve written kind testimonials about my work. Some publicly. Some privately.

I am thankful for every one of them.

But none of those plaudits should mean anything to you. Why? Because you are your own person. Even if the whole world loves a book, you have the right to hate it.

It is of course possible that you purchase the Mahabharata Essentials, open them, begin reading – and realize that they’re not a good fit for you.

That is why I’m asking you to just examine the books over the next 30 days. Take a whole month to decide whether or not you like them, whether or not they’re valuable.

Give the books a chance to earn your trust. To earn your love.

If they fail, if at any time during the next 30 days you feel like the books are not pulling their weight, if they do not help you build a closer bond with your children – then let me know.

I will give you a full, 100% Refund. No questions asked.

25% Off (If you order Now)

Look, I will be frank with you. I will give you all the numbers, and you decide if you’re getting a good deal or not.

The Mahabharata Essentials Omnibus contains 500 pages. 6 independent volumes.

The regular price on the set is ₹299. That comes to around ₹50 per book.

Now, I am running a special one-time offer that knocks 25% off that price.

So the discounted price on the set is ₹224.25. That comes to ₹37.38 per book.

Less than ₹38 per book.

On books that will give your children the role models they deserve, to deepen your relationship with them, and to insure their future success.

Good value? You decide.

And remember – you get to try it for 30 full days at no risk. Just give the books a chance to earn your trust. If they fail, let me know and I will give you a full refund.

What have you got to lose?

The only snag here is that the 25% discount is only available on the next 100 orders. First come, first served.

Once I reach the number, I will turn off the discount. The price will return to ₹299.

A wise man once said that procrastination is the thief of time, that all of tomorrow’s tasks must be completed today, and all of today’s tasks – now.

So claim your offer now. I promise you – you will be glad you did.

How to Claim Your Offer

Easy! Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Mahabharata Essentials: Omnibus product page. (Link will open in a new window.)
  • Click on ‘Buy it Now’ to access the Checkout page. (Or ‘Add to Cart’ and then ‘Check out’.)
  • Expand the ‘Order Summary’ section. You will find a text box that says ‘Discount Code’.
  • Enter the following code into the text box: ESSENTIAL25
  • Click Apply. The discount will be applied.
  • Make your payment and complete the order.
  • The books will be delivered to your email immediately.

Remember, this is a fully reversible order. If within 30 days of purchase you decide that the books are not worth what you paid for them, just let me know and you will get a 100%, No Questions Asked Refund.

Happy Reading!