14 Incredible Voices from the Mahabharata

Who is your favourite Mahabharata character?

Is it Krishna, the overseer of everything, the avatar of Vishnu, the boy who stole the hearts of milkmaids in Vrindavan, the founder and regent of Dwaraka, the charioteer of Arjuna, the Prime Mover, the master strategist…

Is it Draupadi, the personification of Dharma, the binding force that keeps the Pandavas together, the fiery one, the woman desired by all, the devoted wife, the loving mother, the vengeful princess of Panchala…

Is it Karna – good, charitable Karna; Karna the arch enemy of the Pandavas and bosom friend of Duryodhana; Karna the firstborn son of Kunti; Karna to whom everything is promised but nothing is given; Karna the unfortunate, Karna the cruel…

Is it Arjuna, the third Pandava, son of Indra, wielder of the Gandiva; the most powerful archer in the world by birth and by destiny; he who is known by ten names, he who is the chief follower of Krishna; Drona’s favourite pupil, Bhishma’s favourite grandson…

Abhimanyu the boy hero, Duryodhana the vengeful prince, Kunti the silently strong mother, Gandhari the one who can ‘see’…

And above towering over them all, Kurukshetra the battlefield, waiting to drink of the blood of millions. The Mahabharata war, the seminal fight where Dharma is destroyed over the course of eighteen fateful days.

In the Mahabharata Character Guides Omnibus, fourteen books c0me together to educate, enthrall and enchant you about the men and women that populate Vyasa’s immortal epic.

The loves, hates and jealousies of these characters offer thrust and motive power to the Mahabharata story – as events build up to the dramatic climax at Kurukshetra.

The Wise Man Listens

In order to understand the Mahabharata, in order to live it and breathe it, one must listen.

To the pain and anguish of Draupadi when she is disrobed in public at the dice game; to her pang of envy when Arjuna brings back Subhadra on his return from exile; to her cry of desperation when she’s followed by Kichaka; to her wail of sorrow when, at the end of it all, she learns that Ashwatthama has killed her sons…

To the calm inner voice of Yudhishthir, forever patient, forever humble, forever fastened to the path of virtue – except for that one moment where he lies to bring about the downfall of Drona. To the soft thump of Yudhishthir’s chariot hitting the blood-soaked earth…

To the twang of the Gandiva when Arjuna shoots his arrows in the dead of the night, eager to become the world’s best archer; to his conflicting thoughts at the prospect of sharing Draupadi with his four brothers; to the quiet voice of self-doubt that accosts him each time he faces Karna in battle; to the mighty roar with which he kills Jayadratha and avenges young Abhimanyu’s death…

To the mellow notes that flow out of Krishna’s flute in Vrindavan; to the crack of the whip as he steers Arjuna’s chariot amid dead and fallen bodies on Kurukshetra; to the squeal of delight he utters at the death of Ghatotkacha; to the lilt of his voice as he soothes Draupadi’s feelings; to the words of wisdom with which he persuades Arjuna to fight…

To the lamentations of Karna, to the chiding of Kunti when she feels Yudhishthir is slipping in his resolve, to the silent promises of Gandhari to Dhritarashtra…

To the thudding of the mace on Abhimanyu’s head, stilling his breath; to the cackling of Rakshasas that accompany Ashwatthama’s massacre of the Panchala camp on the eighteenth day…

In these fourteen books the characters of the Mahabharata seek to speak to you. One by one, in their quiet voices.

Will you listen?

The bald facts of the matter are these. The books contain:

  • 1500+ Pages of character guides – covering fourteen different characters.
  • 40+ Hours of insightful, delightful reading material

Perfect for readers of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner to the Mahabharata or a pro, you will find something to love about these books.

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