Free Fiction Monday


Every Monday morning, at 9 AM Indian time, I send out to all my email subscribers a story that they can read with their morning beverage. This story will be:

  • Free. No fine print.
  • Short. 4000 words on average.
  • NewFreshly minted. Never published before.
  • Good. The best piece of fiction you will read that day. (Unless you’re reading Updike on the side.)



I will take good care of your email. I will tell no one that I have it. I will use it for no other purpose but to send you your weekly story. You will get no promotion, no selling, no spam. You can unsubscribe anytime with a click.

Just a story. Nothing else.

Why am I doing this?


You get a free story out of this. What do I get? A few things, actually:

  • It keeps me disciplined. Knowing that you’re waiting for a story every Monday means that I cannot slack off.
  • I get to practice. Writing short stories is a wonderful way to stay in good shape craft-wise.
  • It is passive promotion for my work. People who like my free short stories will more likely purchase my longer books.
  • I publish every month’s stories in collections and put them up as eBooks for readers to purchase. I thereby grow my portfolio.


So see you Monday!

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