First Book Mentorships

Writing a book can be a whole lot of fun. It can be exhilarating. Rewarding. Enriching. Creatively satisfying. And a million other nice things.

But here’s the kicker: writing a book can be hard.

First there are the language hurdles: is my grammar okay? I don’t even know what a gerund is. Is it believe or beleive? Lay or lie? Are my paragraphs too long-winded? Too short? Do my sentences ramble? Am I using too many adverbs?

Then there are style issues: am I making sense with this stuff? Am I saying anything original, or even something remotely interesting? Is my vocabulary strong enough? Will readers read this and feel I’m wasting their time? Am I using the right words? Active voice, passive voice? Direct speech, indirect speech?

If you’re writing fiction, now come the craft questions: is my plot believable? Are my characters consistent? Does my story have the right pace? Do my scenes follow one another logically? Atmosphere. Theme. Descriptions. Point of view. Dialogue.

On top of all of this, pile on the psychological stuff: discipline, time management, nurturing creativity, staying motivated, developing enough courage to commit words to the page, dealing with envy, self-doubt, expectations both from self and the outside world. Rejection. Perseverance. Failure. Success.

Then the publishing dilemmas: what do editors like? Why don’t they reply to our emails? Is self-publishing a better option? What are exclusive rights? Should I insist on getting paid when signing a contract? What is Intellectual Property? Should I even bother with all this stuff?

And we’re just getting started.

If this is you…

If you have:

  • Always wanted to write a book but wondered how to go about it
  • Been working on a book for years now, but it never gets finished
  • Struggled without success to carve out time to write
  • Wondered what it takes to start and finish a book that will have your name on it

Then I can help.

Who am I?

I am a writer. Over the last five years, I have written and published novels, short stories and nonfiction with India’s biggest publishing houses. I have also self-published a fair number of my works, so I’m well-acquainted with both sides of the publishing fence.

How can I help?

I have created a mentorship programme designed to help writers finish their books. This programme is:

  • Self-paced. No hard deadlines or time commitments.
  • Remote. You can be anywhere in the world and work from the comfort of your own home. No need to travel to a location and attend a classroom-type setting.
  • One on one. You will be in competition with no one. You will work directly with me. I will help you personally through all of your hurdles and guide you through various stages of writing a book.

Full money back guarantee

The programme comes with a money back guarantee. At any point, if you feel like you’re not getting the required value from our association, all you have to do is tell me and I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

What kind of books can I help you write?

Right now, I have set up programmes for the following:

  • A novel
  • A book of nonfiction
  • A collection of short stories

If you’re writing or would like to write any of the above, we’re good to go.


I’ve been doing this for a while now, and have helped a number of people finish their books. Their testimonials are available on request. I will also share their details with you in case you want to speak to them before making a decision.


If this looks interesting, drop me a line and I will send you a document containing all the required details. My email address is

Let’s get your book written!


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