Meetup 154: Shock me, Feel me, Touch me

Last Saturday, Santosh hosted a session at Write Club. I was out of town, so I can’t give you a first-person account of what happened, but going by the exercises, it must have been fun. What am I saying? Write Club sessions are always fun. Even those that are not. So as usual, the session […]

Meetup 152: Alternate History in Fiction

Last Saturday, our Write Club member, Bright, hosted a session on Alternate History. If you’re too lazy to read the whole Wikipedia entry, alternate history is a sub-branch of fiction where the story is based on a ‘what if’ question asked of a famous event in history. Necessarily, these questions are provocative and far-fetched. The […]

Meetup 151: Metafiction and Minimalism

Srividya hosted a session last Saturday on Metafiction. It was a good session because many of our members – including me – didn’t have much of an idea of what metafiction was. I can’t say that we’re all masters at the topic now, but we’ve made a start. For me, speaking in  general terms, metafiction […]

Meetup 150: Rhetorical Devices in Writing

Last Saturday, Sagar hosted a session at Write Club on rhetorical devices. It has been a long time at Write Club since we had the host bring handouts and engage us in a technical discussion of writing. Even being a professional author I must say I don’t spend as much time as I need to […]

Meetup 149: Duality in the Five Elements of Nature

In last week’s session, there were three themes to our writing. (Yeah, just to make it a little complicated.) The Five Elements Love Memoir The first ‘peg’ on which our piece had to stand on was that it had to be closely linked to one of the five elements of nature. For reference, they are: […]

Meetup 148: Writing About Values

Last Saturday, Lakshmi Priya hosted a session at Write Club on values. The interesting thing about value-based writing, we found, was that it was often difficult to separate one value from another. It just goes to show that our worldview is often comprised of certain ephemeral set of rules of guidelines (or habits?) that we […]

Meetup 147: Writing about Emotions

Last Saturday, Kabir hosted a session at Write Club with a focus on emotion. Though good writing ends up evoking deep emotions within the reader, it does so without explicitly alluding to it. That is perhaps the hardest lesson to learn as a budding writer: the importance of understating the emotion and focusing on the […]

Meetup 146: Culture Shocks

Last Saturday, at Write Club, Ashwin Kumar hosted a session. I couldn’t be there because I was away on a speaking engagement, but I’m assured by people who went that it was great fun. There were three exercises in all: Exercise 1: Tragedy versus humour You’re a student who has failed his exams You’re a […]

Meetup 145: Character Motivation in Fiction

In his book, Writing Popular Fiction, bestselling author Dean Koontz lists seven possible character motivations in fiction: Love Curiosity Self-preservation Greed Self-discovery Duty Revenge Sometimes you will have characters that are driven by a combination of the above listed motivations, but for the vast majority of fiction that we will read and write, this should […]

Meetup 144: Spoken Words – Dialogues and Monologues

Last Saturday, Aravind MJ, one of our oldest members at Write Club, hosted a session on spoken words in writing. I wasn’t there to experience it first-hand, but if the following notes he sent me are any indication, it must have been a smashing session. More than anything else, fiction writers have to master the […]