Photo Post: Monsoon Magic

Don’t we all love the rains? Living in the tropics, we are no strangers to the monsoon. While a very few I know claim that they find rain depressing, most Indians I know love rains. And the magic of the monsoons. Only someone who has faced the scorching Indian summer can truly appreciate the charm of […]

Photo Post: Love a Dove

Doves are universally considered as symbols of love and peace. They are closely related to pigeons, and many varieties are seen in our area. I commonly encounter three types as they are frequent visitors to my terrace bird feeder. Here are some pictures I have been able to click over time. The birds are Eurasian […]

Photo Post: Water Lotus or Water Lily?

Both these flowers are found in water bodies and widespread in our region. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably but both are distinct from each other. Being a purist, I thought of clearing the confusion. Here are some points of distinction. The petals of a water lily are half the size of the lotus flower or […]

Photo Post: License to ‘Killick’

They kissed. Lightly, at first, gently testing the water. The temperature seemed just right with strong indications of warmth in the near future. They waded into the shallows, nuzzling against the reefs, the waves slowly dissolving their essence. A distinct lack of sharks, sting-rays and men o’ war in these depths promised greater safety and […]

Photo Post: Still Life

She walks in beauty, Shades of starlight and dusk chase each other in circles on the playground of her skin, Circles form fire-eyed spirals, Dangling centres of turbulence framing the stillness of her face, The stillness of trance, Of slumber, Of death, Of birth, Of awareness, Of the universe… Different currents that intertwine around the […]

The Trouble with Bollywood

At the outset, let us admit something. Cinema is art, craft and commerce, all rolled into one – it has always been so, all around the world. It may have begun as pure art, but had quickly taken on essences of craft (it had to), and gradually morphed into a form of business. Now, wait […]

Micro Fiction: Ten More 55-word-stories to Light Up Your Day

Last Friday, Vivek Banerjee brought you ten 55-word-stories. Here are ten more. Pause The monitor suddenly stopped beeping almost causing his heart to stop. The surgeon, intent on his work, didn’t even notice. The anesthetist placed his hands on the patient pulse and found it steady. He realised that the power supply to the monitor […]

Photo Post: Far From the Madding Crowd

These lines from the title of an immortal Thomas Hardy novel have become clichés due to constant use and misuse. We all want to escape from the pressures of day to day living, the deadlines, stress, pollution and traffic.  But can we survive for even a few days without the trappings of modern civilization? How […]

Photo Post: Skylines

Kumarakom, Kottayam District, Kerala State, God’s Country. Calm. Placid. The aroma of the tropics in your nose, the buzz of steroid-laden dragonflies in your ears, the gentle burble of the lagoon saturated with promises of carrying your consciousness to the ocean and beyond, the rains that descend like solid shimmering mirrors causing green to erupt […]

Come With Me, Let us Touch the Sky

This excellent sketch and poem have come to us from Priya Sridhar, who blogs at Kismi Toffee Bar. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you absolutely must. She’s got tons of cool stuff over there. Pink is for girls, blue for boys, they said. How would you like it, if you were packed into boxes, […]