Horror Fiction Bundle Giveaway: Here are the Winners

So we had a great gathering of readers and writers last week, for our horror-themed bundle giveaway. Our guest authors did a great job answering most of our readers’ questions. We had a great time reading some of the creepy experiences you guys posted too. We hope that it has been worth your time and […]

Horror Fiction Giveaway: Leave a Comment and Win a Bundle of Four Great Novels

Our mythology giveaway of last month went so well that I thought I should make it a regular fixture on this blog. This month, we’ve brought together four authors of horror and psychological suspense. Like before, there are five bundles of these four books up for grabs, for five lucky winners. Scroll down to the […]

Myth Fiction Bundle Giveaway – Here are the Winners

As all good things come to an end, our myth fiction bundle giveaway also did. We were secretly hoping that we’d get more than five comments (what can we say? We’re cautious people), but the response overwhelmed us. In all, we had 84 separate entries, and including responses by the authors, the comment count at […]

Myth Fiction Giveaway: Leave a Comment and Win A Bundle of Five Great Novels

India is a land of deep cultural memory. Perhaps nowhere else in the world do people have active conversations and shape their lives around stories that have been written thousands of years ago. Mythology, for us, is not just mythology; it’s a way of life. So we’ve put together five great books that not only retell […]

50 Free Copies of The Narrow Road to Palem Up For Grabs

Things have been busy lately with the release of Rise of Hastinapur. So much so that many of my other titles have been feeling rather neglected. I’ve decided to right this slight over the next few months. To kick things off, I’m giving away fifty copies of my collection of horror short stories, The Narrow […]

The Rise Of Hastinapur Pre-Order Offer: Get 6 Great Books For the Price of 1

Welcome to the pre-order page of The Rise of Hastinapur. Here you will find all that you need to know about the book. Namely: What is the book about? Who should read it? A downloadable sample How you can make use of the 6-for-1 offer What is the book about? The Rise of Hastinapur is Book 2 […]

Book Launch and Giveaway: The Narrow Road to Palem

Those of you who’ve read the Million Words of Crap post will know that I’ve embarked upon creating a list of self-published titles this year. The idea is to release either a collection of short stories or a novel every month until June 2016. It’s a punishing schedule, which has meant that blogging time and […]

Book Launch and Giveaway – Nari: A Novel

Welcome to the first look and launch of Nari, my fifth novel overall, and my third book out this year. I remember telling people at the beginning of 2015 that it promises to be a busy publishing year, and it is living up to its word so far. In this post, I will tell you a […]

Book Launch and Giveaway: Jump, Didi!

So a new book is out today. It is a collection of nine stories, all of them centered around questions of one kind or the other. How happy would you be in a marriage arranged for you by a machine? (Arranged Marriage) What can you hope to find in a childhood home gathering dust? (Carnival […]

The ‘Mystery Giveaway’: Results

Hey guys! If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I set up a giveaway here on my blog where I put up seven good mystery novels up for grabs. If you missed the original post, it’s too late to enter, but there will be more like it in the future, so have a look […]