Love and Longing in Art: Achilles and Patroclus

The story of Achilles and Patroclus is central to the story of Iliad. It is the death of Patroclus – when clad in Achilles’s armour – that ends the feud between Achilles and Agamemnon. It is the death of his friend that ignites Achilles into action, and sets into motion a sequence of events that […]

3 Things that Bring Out a Budding Writer’s Talent

Last week, I got involved with the good folk at Campus Diaries in their content development program. To kick things off, they got all their interns and young writers to send me a list of questions. I answered them all, of course. Then I thought it will be nice to feature some of the longer […]

What Money Is, and How It Is Different From Currency

I’ve always thought money was a subjective topic. Whenever I discuss money with people, it becomes apparent very quickly that we all have different associations with money. It means different things to different people. To some it means financial security. To others it may mean status. If for some it’s a means to buy things […]

Envy in Art: Circe, Cain, Time and Fame

Yesterday I wrote a post on envy. Today, even though it’s the day for ‘love and longing’, I found myself gravitating back to the same theme. In the video I shared in my last post, Parul Mathur spoke about how fiction is the best place to find envy. I figured art wouldn’t be too far […]

How Do You Combat Envy?

Last week, I came down with a bad case of envy. It hit me without warning. One moment I was perfectly happy scrolling along my Facebook wall, and the next thing I know I am suddenly burning all over in green flames. What happened was that I chanced upon the fan page of a good […]

Building Wealth: Do you Pay Yourself First?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Personal Finance or money blogs, you will know that ‘Pay Yourself First‘ is the first mantra that they teach you. Of all wealth-building strategies, this is the most-often repeated. But do you know the funny part? From among the ‘money men’ I know personally, very few people […]

Photo Post: Monsoon Magic

Don’t we all love the rains? Living in the tropics, we are no strangers to the monsoon. While a very few I know claim that they find rain depressing, most Indians I know love rains. And the magic of the monsoons. Only someone who has faced the scorching Indian summer can truly appreciate the charm of […]

When Does Frugality Become Miserliness?

As someone constantly looking to better his relationship with money and wealth, I find that three words dominate my head space more than others. They are spendthrift, frugality and miserliness. I find subtle hints all over my social milieu that casts a dark shadow upon people who are tightfisted. One of my aunts is known […]

Photo Post: Love a Dove

Doves are universally considered as symbols of love and peace. They are closely related to pigeons, and many varieties are seen in our area. I commonly encounter three types as they are frequent visitors to my terrace bird feeder. Here are some pictures I have been able to click over time. The birds are Eurasian […]

Love and Longing in Art: Troilus and Cressida

Last night, I was reading a re-telling of the Trojan War story by Olivia Coolidge, and I chanced upon the tale of Troilus and Cressida. This is one of the few stories in the Iliad that speaks of a woman’s betrayal of a man. The common theme in mythology is of how men use women […]