Bookwards Writing Contest 2: My Brother My Rival

For our second writing contest, the theme is sibling relationships. The prompt: My Brother My — You can end the prompt however you want. Here are a few possibilities: My Brother My Friend My Brother My Saviour My Brother My Lover (If you want to explore incest/abuse themes) My Brother My Rival (That age-old theme […]

Bookwards Writing Contest 1: A Second Chance

Readers of this blog will remember (or will be reminded by this post) that we used to do writing contests here four years back. We did sixteen of them in all, and they fizzled out because I could not figure out how to build a community around them. But while they lasted they were a […]

Bookwards – A Club for Readers and Writers

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing lately that the attention economy has steadily eaten away at my reading habit. Once upon a time, I used to burn through a book every three or four days. Now I’m lucky if I read three in a month. I’ve been speaking to fellow reader friends […]

A Writer’s Log – Post 7: Sticking with it

Number of words today: 0 Number of lifetime words: 2195000 Published Volume 15 of 2002 Lesser Known Tales. Spent the day proofreading it and designing a cover for it. The book is now under review with Amazon; should be available for purchase in a few hours. I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s post. Had a chat with […]

A Writer’s Log – Post 6: Fatigue

Number of words today: 6000 Number of lifetime words: 2195000 Two stories (1000 words) away from finishing Volume 15 of 2002 Lesser Known Tales. All going well, I should be publishing it tomorrow, and it should be ready for purchase the day after. (As a writer who got his break in traditional publishing, whose first book […]

A Writer’s Log – Post 5: Numbers

Number of words today: 5000 Number of lifetime words: 2189000 Good writing day, but the words took longer than they should, and consequently I am more tired than I should be. Kept interrupting myself every hour or so to check book sales. Roughly, this is what I did: Hit Refresh on the browser. Note the number […]

A Writer’s Log – Post 4: Infinity War

Writing . Number of words today: 1000 Number of lifetime words: 2184000 Was a light day writing-wise. I had to write a thousand words to stay on target with the deadline for Volume 15. After doing them, just couldn’t summon up the will power to keep going. Whoever said a task always expands to fit the […]

A Writer’s Log – Post 3: Rejection

Writing . Number of words today: 6000 Number of lifetime words: 2183000 Difficult day psychologically because it began with rejection. A publishing house that has published many of my previous novels just told me – after sitting for five months on a submission – that they were ‘making changes to our list right now, and unfortunately we […]

A Writer’s Log – Post 2: The Truth of an Affirmation

Writing . Number of words today: 6000 Number of lifetime words: 2177300 Made a start on Volume 15 of 2002 Lesser Known Tales. Satisfactory day. In three two-hour sittings, managed to write twelve stories out of the fifty that will go into the volume. At 500 words a pop, the total word count for the day is […]

A Writer’s Log – Post 1: Is there a Point?

Writing Number of words today: 0 Number of lifetime words: 2171300 Had to do at least 2500 words today, to start on Volume 15 of 2002 Lesser Known Tales. But a combination of mental factors fell in the way. The biggest of them is fear: that after I finish the forty volumes of Lesser Known […]