Five places where you thought you would get useful

writing advice – but didn’t

1. Friends and family: they say your writing’s great. But you sort-of wonder if their love for you is blinding their judgement. (It probably is.)

2. A writers’ club: all of your peers are as clueless as you are. The feedback you get – and give – is vague and superficial.

3. A literary agent: you don’t get a reply. If you do, it’s a form rejection.

4. An editor at a publishing house: rinse and repeat point 3.

5. Writing workshops: expensive, and generally conducted by people who’ve never published anything themselves.


If you’ve tried all of the above and are still looking, why not give Writer’s Mentor a shot? We offer:

1. Professional editorial critiques

2. Feedback from established writers

3. Assessment and improvement tips in the following areas: voice, pace, character, plot, style, verisimilitude, subject matter, organization, and credibility

Call +919663458268 or email for a chat.

Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with our work, tell us. We’ll refund your money.

Best Value Guarantee: If you find another assessment firm that gives you better value, tell us. We’ll either beat their price or refund your money.

Price: 10 paise/word. For works less than 5000 words long, we charge a flat fee of 1000 rupees.