Bookwards Writing Contest 2: My Brother My Rival

For our second writing contest, the theme is sibling relationships. The prompt: My Brother My —

You can end the prompt however you want. Here are a few possibilities:

  • My Brother My Friend
  • My Brother My Saviour
  • My Brother My Lover (If you want to explore incest/abuse themes)
  • My Brother My Rival (That age-old theme of envy between siblings – the reason might be a woman, wealth, parental affection, or anything else)
  • My Brother My Other (twins, doubles, impersonations, good brother/bad brother tropes…)
  • And so on.

Note that you can change the gender of the brother. If you choose go this way, the prompt will be ‘My Sister My –‘ with all the narrative options that throws up.

Also note that the title of your piece doesn’t have to be ‘My Brother My –‘ It’s a thematic prompt. So you don’t need to include the words anywhere in your story either. Just make sure that overall, your writing reflects the theme that you have picked.

Guidelines for writers:

  • Limit yourself to two entries. Stay under 500 words for each entry.
  • Don’t plagiarize.
  • Nothing too explicit. If your piece contains graphic material, include a short note at the beginning.
  • If you do not want feedback, say so. If you want feedback on any specific parts (and not other parts), say so.
  • If you do not receive feedback on your piece, if people are reading it without reacting to it, understand that that is feedback too. (They’re saying: I’ve read your piece. I didn’t find it moving enough to take the time to comment upon it.) Accept it with good grace. Often when we write, the most common response from the world is silence. Embrace it.
  • If and when you do receive feedback, be grateful for it even if you don’t agree with it. Do not defend your writing – or yourself. A big part of being a writer is learning not to argue with a reader on his opinion of your work. That way lies madness.

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to share some of your writing with us (or even just lurk and see what everyone else is writing), come over and say hi.

Remember: Final date for entries is 20th April, 2019.

Enter Contest 2: My Brother My Rival

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