Bookwards Writing Contest 1: A Second Chance

Readers of this blog will remember (or will be reminded by this post) that we used to do writing contests here four years back. We did sixteen of them in all, and they fizzled out because I could not figure out how to build a community around them. But while they lasted they were a lot of fun, and I got nothing but good press from participating members around them.

Here’s a link to Contest 16, so that you know what I’m talking about.

Now I think I’ve puzzled out the community-building aspect that stymied me last time. So over at Bookwards, I’m starting a new series of monthly writing contests, designed to help writers help and have fun with each other.

The modus operandi will remain largely the same: a writing prompt, an invitation to enter, and a couple of prizes – one for the ‘best’ entry, one for the ‘most popular’ entry.

The first of these contests is live right now, and the final date for entries is fast approaching: 25 March, 2019.

The topic we’re writing on is A Second Chance.

If this sounds interesting and you would like throw your hat into the ring, head on over to the link below. We’d love to have you.

Enter Contest 1: A Second Chance

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What do you think?

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