A Writer’s Log – Post 4: Infinity War



Number of words today: 1000

Number of lifetime words: 2184000

Was a light day writing-wise. I had to write a thousand words to stay on target with the deadline for Volume 15. After doing them, just couldn’t summon up the will power to keep going. Whoever said a task always expands to fit the time in which you have to finish it was dead right.



Did a bit of reading with Sarayu in the morning. If you have young kids, or if you know some you would like to gift a book to, can I make a recommendation?

The Complete Farmyard Tales

We bought this a month or so ago along with a few other reading books, and it’s by far my favourite. Perfect for early readers and toddlers, but you know what? It’s not bad for adults either. More than anything I love the artwork that fills out the page completely; it makes me feel like I really am in Apple Tree Farm amidst Curly the Pig and Woolly the Sheep and what not.

My own personal reading? Made some progress on Creative Schools. Up to about 75% now.



Just returned from watching Infinity War. This was our first Avengers movie ever (and our first movie in two years), so we spent most of the time wondering why people were cheering every time a new character made an appearance. Then we caught on. We still don’t know who half of them were. I guess we will Google them over the next couple of days.

It felt more like a series of one-liners than a movie (every one of those thirty or so heroes needed one cool line at least – it’s only fair); and I was surprised that friends of mine were telling me that this is the most complex Marvel supervillain ever. At the end of it I had to ask: what is so complex about wanting to destroy half the universe?

But still, it was fun while it lasted, which is all you can ask of a superhero movie, really. And yes, there will be a sequel, won’t there? And the Time Stone is going to play a part in it, isn’t it?

That’s all I’m saying. No spoilers.


  1. nidhantrika says:

    This is the most honest confession made after watching Infinity War 😁


  2. You need to watch 18 movies before watching Infinity War to get that connection with those characters and learn how they changed over the span of 10 years. This story of Thanos is being set up from 2012.

    These youtube videos might help:

    Thank me later.


  3. Bhavesh Jeewani says:

    Two years is a long time to stay away from the theatres.

    Personally, I’ve never been a fan of superhero movies. I watched October recently and fell in love with it. You might want to give it a try.


    • Hi Bhavesh! Yes, two years is a long time indeed. Having a kid does that to you. (It has other benefits I won’t go into here.) Been hearing good things about October on my end too. Will try and watch it. Thanks!

      And hope you’re doing well. We haven’t interacted in a while 🙂


      • Bhavesh Jeewani says:

        I am fine Sharath. It has been a while yes, since we interacted. Hope you are fine too and Sarayu is keeping the both of you occupied. Hope she has adjusted well to Mysore.

        Things have been hectic at my end- with the family moving in here. I have been upto some scribbling myself on the yourquote app. Work-wise, I joined my dream company mid last year and am currently slogging away!

        And yes, wonderful initiative – takes a lot of courage to go public with a journal like this. More power to you!


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