A Writer’s Log – Post 1: Is there a Point?


Number of words today: 0

Number of lifetime words: 2171300

Had to do at least 2500 words today, to start on Volume 15 of 2002 Lesser Known Tales. But a combination of mental factors fell in the way.

The biggest of them is fear: that after I finish the forty volumes of Lesser Known Tales, they won’t sell in amounts that will make the project worthwhile. Back in October 2017, I sat down and made a few calculations on how many copies I should sell of these books, and as I have finished one volume after the other, the doubts have begun to mount.

This fear gives rise to the question: What is the point?

And if I arrive at the desk in the morning saddled with this question, you can bet that the day is as good as gone. I find myself endlessly procrastinating the start of my writing stint, and I fill the hours with mindless scrolling on Facebook, and of course I find stuff on it that drive me up the wall. (No, not my Facebook wall. Never mind.)

Tomorrow, I am going to try to arm myself with the following affirmation:Β My writing is worth pursuing even if no one reads it.

Let’s see if it works.


Reading went better; managed to sneak in ninety minutes of this book by Ken Robinson called Creative Schools: Revolutionizing Education from the Ground Up.

After seeing a few talks on Youtube about schooling and education reform by this man, I was suitably impressed to pick up this book, and so far, it’s thoroughly engrossing. If you’ve often wondered about the state of education in India (specifically) and the world (generally), this will give you an insight into potential alternatives.


I find that when writing doesn’t go well, my interactions with family members also suffer. I walk around in a daze, only semi-present, feeling thoroughly sorry for myself.

Still, did a bit of crayon work with Sarayu. She drew a house, a face, and a bunch of straight lines. None of them, of course, look as they are supposed to. I am told this is all one-year-olds can manage.

Had a few laughs with Aditi in the evening, then went grocery shopping to get some eggs, milk and yoghurt.

Dinner coming up in a few minutes, after which I will watch a bit of the IPL, maybe have a call with both sets of parents, and sleep. Good night.


  1. Atika Srivastava says:

    I’m reading, Sharath. Might not convey this to you because of my hectic schedule but I’m reading your work.


  2. Stalim Rajkumar says:

    Sharath.. Good to read about the common challenges which cross my mind – even though I am not into full time writing. The feeling that you are not the only one going through those thoughts is comforting!


  3. Pranay Reddy Keasara says:

    Am reading. I could relate myself. I’m in the same phase now though I don’t have my family around. Shame! I think I should start something similar.


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