50 Free Copies of The Narrow Road to Palem Up For Grabs


Things have been busy lately with the release of Rise of Hastinapur. So much so that many of my other titles have been feeling rather neglected.

I’ve decided to right this slight over the next few months. To kick things off, I’m giving away fifty copies of my collection of horror short stories, The Narrow Road to Palem.

You can read the synopsis of the book and some reader reviews on its Goodreads page below:

Narrow Road to Palem on Goodreads

An important point to note

This is a Kindle book. It is not a physical book. You will need either a Kindle reader or a Kindle app on your smart phone or device to read this book. A Kindle app is free, downloads in seconds, and runs on just about every device. So if you’re a reader, there’s no reason really not to have it.

How does the giveaway work?

If you think the book is interesting and if you’d like to give it a whirl, the process is this:

  • Email me on sharath40@gmail.com and let me know you’re interested in the giveaway.
  • I will send you a free Kindle copy of the book. Simple as that.
  • Please send the email before Monday, 21st December, 2015. I have just fifty copies to give out, so you may want to hurry.

Tell your friends

If you have reader friends who will appreciate a well-written free book from an established author, do tell them. The more the merrier!


  1. Atika Srivastava says:

    Hi, Sharath. πŸ™‚ I’m in. I’m one of first fifties to reply(hopefully)?



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