Book Launch and Giveaway: The Narrow Road to Palem

Those of you who’ve read the Million Words of Crap post will know that I’ve embarked upon creating a list of self-published titles this year. The idea is to release either a collection of short stories or a novel every month until June 2016.

It’s a punishing schedule, which has meant that blogging time and Facebook time have just about dissolved to zero. But I hope that this will help in making me a better writer, not to mention that there will be more books out for you to read.

The first of these self-published books came out last month. It is called Jump, Didi!

This is the second on the list. It is called The Narrow Road to Palem. These are a bunch of dark tales set in the same village in which the events of the novel, The Puppeteers of Palem, take place. If you enjoyed that book, you will most likely enjoy this one too.

Reading Sample

A reading sample and other information about the book are available on its Amazon page. Here’s the link.

Read more about the book here (Amazon Link)

Please note that this is a Kindle-only release, which means that you will need at least a free Kindle app on your phone/device to be able to read this. If you’re a physical book lover like me and you’ve been resisting the use of Kindle books, take it from me – a fellow book lover – that it is very convenient. I tried it for the first time a couple of months ago, and I find that I now do almost half my reading on the app.

I’m not saying this just to get you to buy my book. Honest!

A giveaway for early birds

What’s a book launch without a good giveaway, right? If you purchase the book before Wednesday, 8th July, 2015, you will get one of my back list titles absolutely free.

Here’s how it will work:

  • You purchase the book.
  • You email me  – – evidence of purchase. This can be a screenshot, a forward of the Amazon order, or anything else that qualifies as proof.
  • In your email, you will tell me which of my previous books you’d like to read, for free. All my books are listed on the sidebar. Just take your pick.
  • I will email you back the PDF version of your choice of book ASAP. As simple as that.

Note that every person who purchases the book before Wednesday, 8th July will be eligible for a free book. No lucky dips. No uncertainties.


First, I do hope that you enjoy the book. I really do.

Second, if you like the look of this book, maybe, just maybe, some of your reader friends will too. You can share this post with a click of one of the buttons below. Go on, do it before I ask you to.


  1. Hi,
    In case you want me to do a review of any of your books, do let me know.



    • Hi UK! Thanks for the offer. I choose reviewers exclusively from my email list subscribers, so please sign up for the newsletter and you will be automatically in for all future releases.

      Click on the ’25 Lesser Known Tales From the Mahabharata’ image on the sidebar and you will be prompted for your email and first name.

      See you soon 🙂


  2. Hi Sharath, That’s an impressive list of books in the sidebar there. We at help young authors by reviewing their books and organizing giveaways. We would be glad to assist established authors like you in marketing. We have lots of book lovers who might be interested in your books. Feel free to contact us for reviews / giveaways marketing / listing.

    By the way, we also giveaway books every week at . Share it with your loyal book loving fans.. All the best!


  3. Chandrika Shenoy says:

    I am currently reading The Rise Of Hastinapur and I have always been fascinated by the strong women characters of the epic.I was just wondering if there is a next book in Hastinapur series after Part 1 ans 2,something on Draupadi,Subhadra and Bhanumati ,Vrushali maybe?


    • Hi Chandrika. Yes, there will be many books in the Hastinapur series. I can definitely vouch for there being a Book 3, which deals with events leading up to the birth of Krishna (this has been contracted with Harper Collins just last week), and there will definitely be a Book 4 which focuses on the Radha-Krishna love story. (I know this because I began work on it last month.) So yes, at least two more, and if it was left to me, many more 🙂


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