Book Launch and Giveaway – Nari: A Novel

Nari_Cover (5)
Welcome to the first look and launch of Nari, my fifth novel overall, and my third book out this year. I remember telling people at the beginning of 2015 that it promises to be a busy publishing year, and it is living up to its word so far.

In this post, I will tell you a few things about the book, give you a reading sample, and of course there is a giveaway as well to take part in.

Let’s get started.

Back Blurb

Army man found dead in Banjara Hills. Only witnesses – wife and servant. Unconfirmed reports of rape.

Can the truth be revealed?

Nari is a chronicle of sexual abuse told from the points of view of the victim and the perpetrator.

It is set in present-day Hyderabad, when Ramya Tirthankar, the young wife of a retired army man, and their seventeen-year-old servant, Narayana – lovingly called ‘Nari’ – accuse each other of rape.

Layered and disturbingly lyrical, filled with shock, empathy and trauma, Nari uncovers questions related to human sexual behaviour, power play and how gender inequalities are built into our very genes.

Some random things about the book

1. The genre of the novel can be best described as ‘fiction’. I would have said ‘literary’, but that sounds too pretentious, so I won’t.

2. I’d often wanted to write a ‘mirror image’ story, where one incident is described in radically different ways by two characters. And the issue of rape – where there is so often no third witness to the incident – seemed to be a suitable subject to tackle with this form.

3. It is an exploratory novel that tries to place sexual abuse in the wider context of human sexual behaviour. It is my view that we cannot understand the former without understanding the latter.

4. Having said that, this is a novel, so what it is trying to say is perhaps not as important as the quality of experience it delivers to you, the reader. I hope it fulfills your expectations – if you have any.

Reading Sample

You can download the first few pages of the book as a PDF by clicking on the link below. It will give you a taste of what you would be getting yourself into, should you decide to read it in full.

Read the first chapter of Nari here

Pre-order and Giveaway

The book is up on pre-order right now on Amazon, at the below link.

Amazon Pre-order Link

I have twenty-five ‘50% off’ discount cards to give away. If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning one of these, please do the following:

  1. Leave a comment to this post.
  2. The first twenty-five comments will get the discount card.
  3. Make sure you leave a valid email ID with your comment, because further communication after the giveaway will happen via email.
  4. Please note that I’ve run a similar giveaway on the email list last week. If you already entered for that one, you don’t have to here.
  5. This giveaway ends on Wednesday, 17th June, 2015. Any comments I receive after that date will not be counted.

Please Share…

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Thank you!


  1. I would like to read it.


    • Hi Amit, thanks. I’ve removed your email from the comment. What I meant was leave an email in the ’email field’ when you leave a comment, so that your email address will be visible only to me. No matter, I’ve added you to the list, and I will get back to you shortly 🙂


  2. Nagarjun says:

    The mystery continues.
    From Amaravathi to Hyderabad now.


  3. Aravinda M says:

    Love the artwork.. This is an optimistic period in Indian writing where unexplored territories are researched and written and more importantly the fascist ideology on women are spoken about.. This one is another feather in your cap. All the best .. Hope I can get one and review in the best critical way.


  4. Interested


  5. Awaiting your book Sharath.


  6. Awaiting your book eagerly because I think this would be an interesting take on the subject.


  7. Guru Kiran says:

    I am just waiting to hold the book in my hand….. Congratulations an good luck Bro…


  8. Interesting plot!!
    Would like to read.
    Good luck with your book.


  9. The cover and premise seem fantastic Sharath! 🙂


  10. Congrats Sharath!! Interesting subject.
    Would love to get my hands on it ASAP


  11. Soumini says:

    I know I was part of the mailing programme! But here I am to congratulate you on the book cover! It subtly captures the saying that there’s always two sides of a story! Good luck! 🙂


  12. seems like a pretty interesting subject.
    would love to read it.


  13. Bhavesh Jeewani says:

    Congratulations Sharath! I read the sample and found it beautifully disturbing. I hope to read it in full soon.


  14. Commenting for the book 🙂


  15. Meenakshi says:

    Wish you all the very best Sharath 🙂


  16. Muktikant Garimella says:

    Whoa! I actually counted the number of comments. Eagerly looking forward to this book. 🙂


  17. I know it when I see it says:

    Congrats Sharath!! painstakingly compiled. Very good book. Every wo/man should read this book. Looking forward to read the full version.


  18. Thanks, guys, for your responses. I’ve put all of you in my top secret list, and will contact you soon. Expect an email in a day or two 🙂


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