Puppeteers of Palem Giveaway: Results


First of all, guys, thank you very much for the great response that you gave for my humble blog launch post. It is easily my most popular post, judging by comments, Facebook likes/shares, the number of downloads I got, or any other such measure.

For all this I can only express my gratitude to all those of you who spread the word, many of whom needed no encouragement from me.

If you remember, there was a giveaway attached to the blog launch, where five lucky comment-leavers would win a physical copy of the book. The conditions for entry into this giveaway were as follows:

  1. The individual should be part of my mailing list.
  2. He/she should write a few words in the comment about their experiences in an Indian village.

The following people had valid entries.

  1. Vinisha
  2. Geeta Nair
  3. iluvyouruzaki – Vishal
  4. Geeta Nair
  5. Varun Prabhu
  6. Geeta Nair
  7. Arpita
  8. Kirti
  9. Neha Garg
  10. KRB Saurabh

The Winners

The five winners of the giveaway, chosen randomly (you have to take my word for it) are:

  1. Neha Garg
  2. Vishal
  3. Geeta Nair
  4. Vinisha
  5. Arpita

What happens now?

I will make arrangements for physical copies of the book to reach each of the above people, with hopes that they will find reading it an enjoyable experience. Some of you may have noticed that we didn’t have a contest this fortnight. That will be corrected soon enough, and Contest 9 will go live very soon.

So stay tuned! And once again, thank you for your active participation. As you know, any event is only as good as the people that attend it.


  1. Thanks for the give away event and inspiring many to write. You are a great team player .
    The pleasure was entirely mine to participate in the launch event . And I am sure it was the same for many others too.


  2. Yeah! One of the lucky five. Thanks a lot Sharath. Looking forward to reading the book.


  3. Wohoo !


  4. Thank you 😀 😀


  5. thank u sooo very much sir…..so happy


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