Contest 6 Results: And the Winner is…


Thank you all, for participating in Contest 6. The topic was a rather dramatic ‘The Fall of Peace’. We had 15 entries in all, many of which were filled with insight and verve. The most common themes of the contest were the following:

  • War is necessary to maintain peace
  • The foundations of peace are often laid with blood
  • The confusion of soldiers – to fight or not
  • Inner wars and inner peace

Token Prizes

1. The Ball Roller Award this time goes to Falguni Srikanth for throwing her entry into the hat before anyone could. Entering the first comment on a blog is like going first in a confessional group. There is always that fear that you will be the only one. I appreciate the courage that it takes, so thank you, Falguni.

2. The Committed Contestant Award, which we give away to those contestants who enter more than once, this time does not get claimed by anybody. It’s fair enough, I suppose, because there have been times when we gave away more than one of these at once. So you take the good with the bad, CCA, and stay quietly in the cabinet until next time.

3. The Rebel Award is claimed again by its rightful owner, Nitthilan. For those of you who don’t know, Nitthilan is also our resident claimant for the Late Latif Award, but this time he sent in his entry on time. Your standards are slipping, Nitthilan.

4. The Promise Breaker award – which is given out intermittently to contestants who promise to enter and then don’t – this time goes to Soumya Prasad. She said she loved the topic, asked whether she could use one of the pictures as inspiration, hinted that she will be back with a killer entry – and then didn’t turn up. No worries, Soumya, maybe next time!

And last but not the least, a warm welcome to the blog to all the people who participated for the first time. I hope to see you around more regularly.

Honourable Mentions

1. Mithun Mukherjee’s dystopian scene depicting the aftermath of an inter-species war.

2. Mithun U’s funny take on war and peace in our daily lives. This piece made me laugh out loud a couple of times.

3. Pradeeta Mishra’s (Wings of Harmony) poem with the metaphor of war as life and peace as death. She uses that to tell us that peace, ultimately, will reign.

The Winner

I agonized quite a bit over this, and I must say all the three above honourable mentions came quite close to getting the winner’s prize. But I think the winning entry had all the things that we all love in good writing: clarity, immersion, and sharp, specific images. For that reason I’m giving the prize to Pirithivi Raj, for his poem: Totem of the Highland Tribes.

In the untamed forests of the Highlands;
Beneath the Totem of Peace –
A winged angel in flight –
Sat the two young Chiefs.

Bathed in the light
From the ring of fire,
Regaled Dark Moon and Red Soil
Their Tomahawks set aside.

While anecdotes were retold,
Hare and Salmon smoked,
In the stupor of Black Drink,
Men danced as frybread turned cold.

In the crackling fire,
Burnt the anger
And fury,
Borne by their fathers and forefathers.

In the cold night wind blew,
The rivalry
And pride,
Fed from the breasts of their mothers.

For no longer was peace,
Within the Highland tribes, a need so dire,
That tormented and burned,
Their spirits like wildfire.

Peace was gained,
Dark Moon knew,
Peace was bought,
Red Soil thought.

Peace was fought,
Truth be told,
From war it was forged,
Till war it will hold.

Beneath the Totem of Peace –
An angel bathed in warriors’ blood –
Sat the two young Chiefs,
Their war wounds still caked in mud.

What happens now?

The same as every other time. Pirithivi gets his prize, and we move on to Contest 7. The brief for that should be up by tomorrow, so stay tuned! Thank you once again for the participation, guys, and keep writing.

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  1. Wings of Harmony says:

    Honorable Mention! OMG, I died! 😀 Thank you, Sharath!

    And Prithvi’s poem totally deserved winning! 😀 It was amazing! Congrats Prithvi



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