Contest 5 Results: And the Winner is…

Generation gap

And just like that, Contest 5 has come and gone.

We had 20 entries in all. Thank you for participating, guys. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Perhaps you would like to – if you have time – to peruse the list of entries and give feedback to those you like best. As always, if you have negative feedback to give, please be gentle. You know how sensitive a writer’s soul can get.

The main themes that came out of this contest were:

  • The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren
  • Arranged versus love marriage
  • Freedom of choice versus social pressure
  • Acceptance and tolerance

The great thing about holding a contest such as this is you get to listen to different points of view brought to the table by different people on the same issue. I often think that words mean different things to each of us, and in order to begin talking about anything, we must first understand our respective definitions and meanings.

Anyway, we’ll move on to the token prizes now.

Token Prizes

1. The Ball Roller Award this time goes to Arpit Khandelwal (rightfromleftside) for showing up and flicking in an entry before anyone could. Entering the first comment on a blog is like going first in a confessional group. There is always that fear that you will be the only one. I appreciate the courage that it takes, so thank you, Arpit.

2. The Committed Contestant Award, which we give away to those contestants who enter more than once, is this time shared between Parwati Singari, Kirti, and Arpit Khandelwal (again!) for entering two comments each. Since this is an imaginary award, I’m going to ask you to put your fertile minds to work and picture a shining gold cup on your mantelpiece.

3. The Rebel Award this time goes to Pradeep Thyagaraja and Gurucharan Vernekar. They both flouted the word-limit rule with abandon that we saw so far only from Nitthilan. Nitthilan, if you’re reading this, you’ve got competition!

Honourable Mentions

1. I liked Kirti’s post about Ganapati and Shiv trying to understand one another and Parvati acting as a mediator.

2. Hemanth’s essay about parenting and freedom of choice made me think. It may make you think too.

3. Jayesh also wrote about parenting, seemingly from the parent’s side (though it may well be sarcastic in tone).

4. Aparna’s poem, which was the only entry in the contest that talked about all three generations in three stanzas.

The Winner

The winner this fortnight, by a whisker, is Lanu Barua. Her poem was pithy, it was tight, and it had some wordplay that charmed me. I’m leaving her entry here in full for those of you who want to read.

The mouse was hiding behind the door
Who really got him there?
I was working on my computer
My mother was shooing it away.

It was chewing up the paper
Making the place untidy
It was helping me with the words
My book was getting ready

I keep playing with my mouse all day
How can you play with a mouse?
Its my best friend when I’m alone
In throwing it out of my house.

Years ago the mouse was only a pest
Today the world it reaches
But to each his own generation
To accept and change it teaches

The Lucky Winner

If you remember, this time we had a lucky dip as well for a copy of ‘Operation Mom’ by Reenita Malhotra Hora. This book also deals with the same themes that we’ve written about, so you may have fun reading it.

The lucky winner this time is Kirti. Congratulations, Kirti! It does pay to throw more entries into a hat when there is a lucky dip.

What happens now?

The same as every other time. Lanu and Kirti get their prizes, and we move on to Contest 6. The brief for that should be up by tonight, so stay tuned! Thank you once again for the participation, guys, and keep writing.

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  1. Thank you For the Award. It’s the first time that I got any award on any blog and it feels great.
    I am soon posting my mailing address and phone number on mail. Can not wait to receive it.
    PS-The gold cup on my mantle piece is so bedazzling that we have to wear black tinted glasses all day and night.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pradeepthyagaraja says:

    Thank you Sharath for this Rebel Award! 🙂 It certainly boosted my confidence in writing for further blogs or contests. I hope I can be a winner in forthcoming contests. Its a wonderful opportunity to let go of my fear in writing and come up with the tales of my imagination. Thank you again!


  3. Was at home for last 5 days and really faaaaaaaar away from internet.
    Its a relish.
    Sharath, I want to thank you for continuous appreciation and believe you me, that’s the most important thing i am gaining out of this blog.
    Thanks a ton for having me here.


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