Contest 4 Results: And the Winner is…


First of all, thank you everyone for participating in Contest 4 and lighting it up. We had 28 valid entries this time. Quite good!

The one thing I noticed about this contest was that with almost every comment, I found something from my own past to relate to it. I think it’s just because we all have had so many teachers that if I describe any one of them from my own life, he or she will sound remarkably similar to a teacher from your own past. (Either that or I have an active imagination. Probably a bit of both.)

So I had a lot of fun reminiscing about people and events from my childhood. If you’d like to have a similar experience, I would urge you to read at least a few of the entries that people have posted. You may find yourself taken on a trip through your past.

Token Prizes

1. This time, the Ball Roller Award goes to Falguni Srikant. I know how daunting it can be to be the first public entry on a contest blog. This time, Falguni picked up the gauntlet with a lovely short essay on teachers and teaching.

2. The Committed Contestant Award (renamed from Eager Beaver Award because it suddenly struck me that it sounds like I’m calling you names) this time had to be shared between Falguni Srikant, Mithun U, Arpit Khandelwal (rightfromleftside) and Hemanth. Since this is an imaginary award, I won’t be stingy and give each of you a quarter. You can each have one of them. Good?

For those of you wondering what this award is for, we honour contestants who enter more than one comment in response to the post.

3. The Rebel Award goes to our resident rebel, Nitthilan, for once again flouting both the time and word-limit ‘rules’ with abandon. Thanks, Nitthilan. We need more of your spirit!

Honourable Mentions

1. I liked Mithun’s post on Shukracharya, because it is the only entry that made use of the mythological angle that I’d originally thought more people would pick up on.

2. Rohit Bhasy’s comment – autobiographical, I think? – made me chuckle in a few places and brought back memories about a lot of my own teachers. Thanks, Rohit, for that.

3. Anu Krishna’s tribute to her math teacher.

There were many others that I liked, but since I cannot mention each and every one of them here, you may have to go to the post and check my reaction to each entry.

The Winner

This person has come close to winning this contest twice before, and each time she entered with a first-rate poem. I told her yesterday that if we ever have a ‘life-achievement’ award, we will give it to her. But today we will go one better and proclaim her the winner to this contest.

Step forward, Aparna HS.

I will leave her entry here in full for you to read.

The little shiny eyes, looked at me,
Wondering and wording,
“Who is she?”
To teach you English, here I am!
That and this, before I could mouth,
“What is your name ma’am!!?”

Some jumped here and there,
Few ran to I know not where!
The chalk fights I could barely stop,
My first class was nearing a flop!

Hard on the desk I did bang,
Of being a teacher, now getting a hang!
“Back to your desks, now you get
Or to leave now, I am all set.”

Ever unfailing trick this is,
“Don’t go ma’am please!”
Back they got, and then I taught,
To those smarty naughty lot!

Many a games we did play,
Their favourite miss I became, yay!
Making learning a splendid fun,
Felt I, this is best job under the sun!

To be strict when I must,
To be one who they trust,
To be one who makes impact,
To be one with an ever-changing tact,
A lot goes in, to be that one,
Teaching is lot more than just having fun.

A mental thank you, I then said,
To all of my teachers, the good, the bad,
The ones I dearly loved,
And the ones I bitterly hated!

A month flew by,
It was time for bidding goodbye,
The sweet faces I would surely miss,
Time with them, was indeed bliss.

“Please don’t go miss, we love you!”
And a chorus of “Yes, we do!”
The love and pride, which I then felt,
Even today makes my heart melt!

What happens now?

Aparna will get her prize, and Contest 5 will go live either today or tomorrow. Thank you for your active participation, guys, and keep writing!

Image Courtesy: Clip Art Panda


  1. Thanks a lot Sharath 🙂 Feeling awesome!!!!


  2. Yaay..!!
    Thanks for the recognition .. 🙂
    It feels good..!!

    -Arpit Khandelwal


  3. Falguni srikanth says:

    Thank you so much…😄😄I feel I am back to school…thanq for recognition….


  4. awesome poem Falguni! I felt a smile reaching up till the ends of my face…very cute and heartwarming


  5. Rohit Bhasy says:

    Thanks Sharath…that indeed was autobiographical


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