Photo Post: Monsoon Magic


Don’t we all love the rains? Living in the tropics, we are no strangers to the monsoon. While a very few I know claim that they find rain depressing, most Indians I know love rains. And the magic of the monsoons. Only someone who has faced the scorching Indian summer can truly appreciate the charm of the milling clouds, falling rain and the buffets of cool breeze. Drops of nectar falling from the heavens, myriad shades of green, smiling flowers and little birds singing – nature is at its best.

(Read more about the Indian Monsoon)

Here are some images that show my love for the rains.

Monsoon-stork Monsoon-ripples Monsoon-lotus Monsoon-lamp Monsoon-green Monsoon-Gathering-Clouds-2 Monsoon-drops Monsoon-drooping-leaves Monsoon-bark


Vivek Banerjee is a pediatrician by choice and a writer by chance. He tries to escape from the pressures of his profession by seeking refuge in the world of writing. His debut novel The Long Road, which was well received by readers, was published by Cedar- an imprint of Pustak Mahal in December 2010. He counts photography as a recent obsession.

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