Contest 3 Results: And the Winner Is…


And just like that, Contest 3 is now behind us. Time flies when you’re having fun.

We had 12 valid entries for this contest. Yes, just twelve. After the highs of thirty-nine and twenty-eight in the first two contests, this feels a little hollow. After all, there is such a thing as beginner’s luck. But as I said elsewhere, I’m happy with anything more than one entry, which means I get to give away the prize. If you set your sights low enough, you will never be disappointed.

A few ‘token’ prizes

  1. The Ball-Roller Award this time goes to Soumini Mukherjee, for bucking up and writing the first entry of the contest on Feluda.
  2. I give the Promise-Breaker Award to Raghav (theguyraghav),  for telling us that he will return at a later date to leave a longer comment. And, cruelly, never did.
  3. The Rebel Award this time belongs to Nitthilan, who didn’t disregard the word limit rule so much as obliterate it to atoms by posting an entry that is more than 1500 words long. We wish we all had your enthusiasm, Nitthilan. Long may it continue.
  4. The Eager Beaver Award, which recognizes those contestants who make use of the contest’s multiple-entry condition. This one also goes to Soumini, who followed up her Feluda post with a gripping write-up about Jane Marple. Thanks, Soumini!

The Winner

The winning post was a toss-up for me between two poems: one by Aparna H S, who carried on her great form from last time (remember Pumpy Dare?) and turned in another cracker, and the second by Zainab Abrar. Both girls ‘adapted’ classic mystery stories into poems that were well-written and were fun to read.

It was not easy to choose between them, but my choice – by a tiny, tiny fraction – is Zainab.

I am leaving her entry here in full so that you can read it. It is a poem written about the classic Agatha Christie mystery novel, ‘The Body in the Library’. Hope you enjoy it.

If you dress up in a star spangled satiny dress
With chunks of jewellery weighing you down
Then your make up as heady as cocaine
Will make me heavy eyed and murder you

I will kill you with the bandanna on your head
Put it round your dainty little neck
And just stretch and stretch
Till your blottled up body mottles your star spangled dress
Soil it and make it mud

Your swollen face will sport chunk as funeral offerings
The eyeliner will define your bulging eyes
And your lipstick will be a bloody gash on your lips that lied

Alas!Bearing down on me
will come Miss Jane Marple
Prim,proper with bird like movements
Exercising at will the neat little grey cells in her dainty head

Confess I would, dumbfounded at her ingenuity
The gash at last would be against me.

Honourable mentions must also go to Pirithivi Raj, who wrote about Holmes’s last scene at the Riechenbach, and to Jayant and Gargi, who wrote little odes to Hercule Poirot.

And of course, a final word of thank you to everyone who participated. It was good fun!

The Lucky Winner

Well, we’re not quite done yet. If you remember, for this contest we had a lucky dip as well, whose winner would win a free copy of Rasleen Syal’s debut novel, Happily Murdered. We threw all of your names into a hat and pulled one out, and what do you now? Out popped the name of Nitthilan.

Maybe there’s poetic justice in the world after all. His one entry was worth at least six entries in length. So it was only fair. Congratulations, Nitthilan! We hope you enjoy Rasleen’s delectable mystery. Even if you don’t, be sure to track her down and tell her so.

What happens now?

What happens after one contest finishes? The next one begins! Tomorrow I will put up the post for Contest 4. Now, if you will excuse me, I will go and give away the prizes to Zainab and Nitthilan.

See you guys soon!

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