Photo Post: Love a Dove

Doves are universally considered as symbols of love and peace. They are closely related to pigeons, and many varieties are seen in our area. I commonly encounter three types as they are frequent visitors to my terrace bird feeder. Here are some pictures I have been able to click over time. The birds are Eurasian collared dove, Spotted dove and Laughing dove.

Spotted dove

Spotted dove, as is obvious, has spots on wings and neck.

Collared dove

Eurasian collared dove is recognised by the ring round its neck.

Laughing dove

Laughing dove is darker, smaller, slimmer and has characteristic stippling on upper chest.

Oriental turtle dove and Red collared dove are also seen at times but I have not been able to photograph them yet. Maybe next time!

Vivek Banerjee is a pediatrician by choice and a writer by chance. He tries to escape from the pressures of his profession by seeking refuge in the world of writing. His debut novel The Long Road, which was well received by readers, was published by Cedar- an imprint of Pustak Mahal in December 2010. He counts photography as a recent obsession.

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