Photo Post: Skylines


Kumarakom, Kottayam District, Kerala State, God’s Country. Calm. Placid. The aroma of the tropics in your nose, the buzz of steroid-laden dragonflies in your ears, the gentle burble of the lagoon saturated with promises of carrying your consciousness to the ocean and beyond, the rains that descend like solid shimmering mirrors causing green to erupt from the dark-hued earth. However, behind the curtain of fecundity lies a secret known only to the denizens of this land – a secret so powerful that its escape from this mountain-and-sea-ringed strip could tear the accepted notions of human intelligence and dominance asunder. Rumours of a life force so potent that it infuses every resident object with sentience and locomotion have done the rounds but proof of such claims have always come short.

Until now.

Captured for the first time on camera, the whole world can now see just one example of stunning natural phenomena that lend an air of mystery to Kerala’s beauty. Behold if you dare, coconut trees that occupy volume by day and walk away from their designated positions as night falls, leaving black vacancies in the skyline in their stead. Coconut trees that work during sunlit hours – appearing pretty for touristic reasons, providing nourishment to the local populace etc. – and drift off at dusk, perhaps to spend quality time with their families. Who knew that plants – plants! – performed functions by day and rested at night? Who would have thought that they partook of that most telling characteristic of the human condition – a mundane desk job?

Guest Post by Nitish Nair. Scientist. Writer. Poet. Photographer. Read his previous post: Dear Dairy


  1. Such a curiosity inducing post! Lovely! 😀



  1. […] Guest Post by Nitish Nair. Scientist. Writer. Poet. Photographer. Read his previous post: Skylines […]


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